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  1. Dunkle_G

    Single TP Bar

    Figured I give this question its own thread. I'm looking for a script that creates a single TP Bar above the party that shows the total amount of TP accumulated. The bar would look something like the bars from Galv's Battle Favour script, the only difference is that there's only 1 for the party...
  2. Dunkle_G

    Quest System Script Help

    I've been trying to integrate a side quest plot line into my game. I already have the quests planned out, I just need to implement them into my game. These quests are all roughly the same, you either have to defeat a certain number of enemies with a specific weapon, so defeating 10 slimes with a...
  3. Dunkle_G

    RMVXA Weapon Side-Quest Idea

    Been working on a small RPG project, and had an idea for some side quests to implement. Basically there's a shopkeeper that sells pretty terrible swords that have low stats. Some of them would also give the wielder 1 extra skill while it's equipped. Each sword has 1 side quest attached to it...
  4. Dunkle_G

    Teamwork Battle Mechanic?

    I've currently been thinking about different battle mechanics I can add to my game to make things more unique, and I did come up with an idea thanks to my friends, but am unsure how to implement it. Basically, in the game, there would be something called "Teamwork Skills". These skills are...
  5. Dunkle_G

    Looking for a 90s Styled Tileset

    Resource Type: Tileset Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Ace RTP Description: So lately, I've been working on this little side project of mine in RPG Maker. I recently purchased the DS+ Resource Pack to add more variety to the game, and to make it look more original. For the RPG, I'm making 6...

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