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  1. WaywardMartian

    Wayward's Tall Sprites: New June 2021 - Dwarf bases

    Right, there were made to fit MV but they're not MV so I think this thread belongs in General Resources? Anyway, I've been working on tall sprites for a bit and feel I ought to round it all up in one place. Terms of Use: Free to use either non-commercial games or commercial games with credit...
  2. WaywardMartian

    Comparison of the MZ and MV sprites for Character Generator purposes (updated)

    ( I hope this is in the right section. Not totally sure where it should go. ) Did this for my own reference and the question of Can MV Generator Parts Be Used On MZ Bodies At All/Can I Have MV And MZ Characters In A Project Or Will It Look Weird, but some of you might be interested. This is...
  3. WaywardMartian

    Wayward's MZ Resources (Latest 201015: Trapdoors)

    ( Oops, forgot the TOS: ) TERMS: - You need to have RPG Maker MZ ( because I mostly do RTP edits and Frankenspriting ) - Credit to Wayward Martian Graphics ( because it still took work ) - Free ( with credit ) for commercial/non-commercial RPGMaker games ( I'd like to see what you do with them )...
  4. WaywardMartian

    Seeing if there's interest in a tall sprites DLC

    Hey, been building some of these tall-but-look-like-they-fit-the-RTP sprites for purpose of maybe I can submit them to the Degica store. So I'm waving around some samples to see if you lot here think it's a worthwhile attempt. Ideally: - Yes, there'd be basic face sets included. - Also...
  5. WaywardMartian

    Script needed: Adding multiple variables to make another variable

    I know it can be done in an ugly way with events, and I expect it can be done in a pretty way with a script, but I cannot do Javascript to save my life. What would the script be for adding several Variables together to make another Variable? Just a basic v[1]+v[2]+v[3]+v[4]=v[5] type of thing.
  6. WaywardMartian

    Wayward's MV Resources (Battlers/Sprites/Tiles) (update 210212: Sprites: Modular People1_6)

    I start a lot of projects but never finish, but I've made various resources and I'd rather I not be the only one who ever sees them. Maybe the rest of you will find some actual use for them. I'll just be randomly adding a bit at a time instead of dropping everything on you at once. TERMS: -...
  7. WaywardMartian

    Delurking, why not?

    Hi. Been lurking for a few years for resources, code, and product updates and troubleshooting, thought I'd be slightly more official about things. Started with VX Ace, switched to MV. Mostly into exploration and puzzles. I rarely finish a game project but I'm not too worried about that.

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