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  1. Nature

    Trouble with Name Input Processing

    When I upload a custom font for my game it removes the option for a backspace in Name Input Processing. Anyone know a fix?
  2. Nature

    RMMV Battle Plugins Conflicting With Each Other

    Hello~ I am trying to have plugins for both breathing (moving up and down) enemies and the character facesets being displayed in battle. For these I am using Yanfly Animated SV Enemies and Battle Engine Core. I'm also using SRDude's Battle Status Customizer. When one or the other is active...
  3. Nature

    Title Screen Resolution

    How do I remove the black bars from the title screen? Thanks in advance
  4. Nature


  5. Nature

    Pink Bedroom Tileset

    Resource Type: Tileset Maker Format: RMMV Art Style: Topdown/Cutesy/RPG Style Description: Looking for a pink dreamy pop bedroom for a girl. Would like it to be bright and lively. A tileset is what I'm looking for specifically but if you have other assets in mind in the same aesthetic that...

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