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  1. WiegrafDX

    DiceRoller plugin 1.0 (for MV, might work for MZ too)

    Hello everyone! I've dipped here and there at times to check on plugins and sometimes to ask questions but I felt I needed to at least contribute a little as well. Hence, while my scripting / coding has been rusty due to being out of practice, it also gave me an opportunity to dive right back...
  2. WiegrafDX

    Equipment Attributes

    So my request is a rather simple one : much like in RPG Maker XP where you had 4 attributes for the characters and 3 for equipment, I'd like to have equipment attributes like "Attack Power", Magic Power", "Defense" and "Magic Defense" as separate attributes from the actor's own. The goal being...

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Looks like I'm going to have to cancel another game.
For now it is in testing phase: Changing the game icon from Rm2k/2k3 without needing to edit the executable.
When there's a will, there's a lifehack. :ninja:

Before i mess with battle UI further, does it look decent enough? :hswt:
Free MZ? That's good. I should go try it out then.

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