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  1. Zalzany

    Classifieds Info

    So I finally hit 30 count and upgraded to member. Kind of curious how long before I can go look at classifieds. I don't intend on doing any commissioned work but I been wanting to take a peek at rates for mappers since MV was new, and finally hit that magic post count lol I poked around can't...
  2. Zalzany

    Generic White Shirt Brown Pants MZ or MV

    Ok so I am trying to do some work on a project I got some good assets going but using a 3rd party 3d poser for cg to try because I am decent at using that and horrible with other forms of art. I am just trying to use generice white shirt, brown pants peasant outfit for the MC, and I kind of...

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Looks like I'm going to have to cancel another game.
For now it is in testing phase: Changing the game icon from Rm2k/2k3 without needing to edit the executable.
When there's a will, there's a lifehack. :ninja:

Before i mess with battle UI further, does it look decent enough? :hswt:
Free MZ? That's good. I should go try it out then.

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