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  1. Chrono Engine ABS tutorial

    Hi I have a problem with enemies. When i kill them, and i go to other map and then back to the map with enemies, they are all respawned. Is there a way to make them removed after kill?
  2. Count steps only when move Y direction

    Thanks, i will try that tonight
  3. Count steps only when move Y direction

    Hi This is my first post here, so sorry if it is in wrong thread. i Am making game that is something like frogger. to achieve to higher score you must get upper on screen. i Can make variable which checks Y position, but if player start down, he starting with 255 score and it goes up. I am...

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I wish character bust packs had options for both side-facing and front-facing for the same characters.
Looks like I'm going to have to cancel another game.
For now it is in testing phase: Changing the game icon from Rm2k/2k3 without needing to edit the executable.
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Before i mess with battle UI further, does it look decent enough? :hswt:

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