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  1. Yoraee

    No sound at all in editor/playtest?

    Hello! I'm really not sure what's the cause of this. Maybe someone can help me? I can't hear any audio from the MV editor anymore. No music or sound effects. I tried loading a fresh project and its the same issue. There is proper audio when the projects are deployed, but the editor is...
  2. Yoraee

    Changing the Game File Name

    Hey everyone! Really sorry if this is a newbie question! I've been trying to figure this out for a while now. So after deploying the game, I click on the game file to play. At the top of the window there is a file name. I want to change that file name, but can't figure out how! I changed it...
  3. Yoraee

    Preview Message Box Position

    Hey everyone, its been a while since I posted a question here! I'm using Yanfly's Extended Message Pack 1 plugin to manually position my message boxes using the \msgposy[x] and \msgposy[y] commands. My game is designed so that there is no fixed location for message boxes but they appears...
  4. Yoraee

    Events Animation Tutorial for Scenes

    Hey everyone~! I posted this mini tutorial on my devlog on Tumblr and thought I might as well share it here! In this tutorial, I will show you how I animate my scenes by manipulating Movement Route commands. This allows for original ways of portraying story and cutscenes in your game...
  5. Yoraee

    Pre-Enemy Selection Phase

    Hey all I was wondering where in the Code would one be able to access and alter what happens in the stage of battle after an actor is selected, and before an enemy is selected. I'm talking about the phase when you're hovering between enemy selections? In this phase, the enemy name is displayed...
  6. Yoraee

    Return Target Index Before Performing Action

    Hi all I am trying to determine if there's a way to obtain the enemy target index of a skill before the skill is executed. After I select my skills for all actors and determine the targets, the data must be stored somewhere I'm assuming. I just can't figure out where. Some searching has led me...
  7. Yoraee

    Keeping Battle HUD during Show Text

    As it is, the battle HUD disappears when a Show Text command is shown. I would like for the battle HUD to stay visible during Show Text. Can this be done by altering the Game's js files, and if so where should I look?
  8. Yoraee

    RMMV Black Crystals - A Hand Drawn RPG [DEMO AVAILABLE!]

    DEMO AVAILABLE AT: RPGM.NET - - Game Jolt - Hey everyone! I've finally accumulated enough content to be able to share with you the game I'm making: Black...
  9. Yoraee

    Chanting animation per Skill not Skill Type?

    So as things are, skill types in RMMV that are listed under SV Magic Skill Type lead to related skills having the actor perform a chanting animation when selected. This is ok for when magic and non magic skill types are separate, but when the game is designed to have magic and non magic skills...
  10. Yoraee

    Actor Turn Indicator in Battle

    Hi everyone I'm trying to figure out a way to have a visual indicator of my side view actors' turns. For example, I would like to have the actor with the current turn's sprite glow or display an overlay animation to indicate its their turn during command selection. I did some research and...
  11. Yoraee

    Changing Actor Position Mid Battle?

    In one of my battles, I want my Actor 1 to move away from the group at a certain turn and be positioned at a new location. I tried doing this using the SVActorPosition plugin which came with RMMV, but it seems the plugin command SVActorPosition doesn't work when called from a troop event or a...
  12. Yoraee

    Enemy "Description Boxes"?

    Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to show  custom enemy help text when targeting an enemy in battle instead of just the enemy name? For skills it is possible to show help info using the description box in which we can write a short explanation for each skill, is this doable for...
  13. Yoraee

    Full Screen and Parallax Maps

    I'm trying to figure out how going full screen affects the quality of parallax maps. Right now I am using a parallax map that is 1162 x 576. My game resolution is 1024 x 576. When in window mode all looks well and good, but when in full screen, everything is very blurry as shown below (most...
  14. Yoraee

    Return SV Battlers' (Actors and Enemies) X and Y Coordinates?

    Apologies for the bombardment of questions today. I've actually held on to  this one for some time and tried to figure it out on my own, with not much success sadly. I want to be able to store each actor and enemy X and Y coordinates in a battle in variables, to be accessed later by common...
  15. Yoraee

    Show Battle HUD During Show Text?

    So when I add a Show Text during battle, the hud disappears when the text box shows, and then reappears after the dialogue is over. Is there a way to force the battle hud to display when a show text is running? I initially thought this behavior was due to one of the plugins I'm using, but...
  16. Yoraee

    Modifcation to Galv's Actor Equip Items

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me by modifying Galv's Actor Equip Items plugin (found here). What the plugin does as it is, is allow each actor a limited number of item slots for use in battle, with a limited number of stacked items in each slot.  So, when used, the player...
  17. Yoraee

    Script Call to Return Selected Skill ID per Actor ID

    I looked through the Script Call file, but couldn't find a script that would help me. What I'm trying to do is during a battle turn, I want to get the skill IDs for all selected skills, so If I have three actors I want to store info on what skill is selected by which actor. An important...
  18. Yoraee

    [RMMV] Help Menu Contents File not Loading

    For some reason, when I click Contents under the Help menu in RMMV, the index file opens in Notepad. I went to the index file and manually opened with Chrome (from the RMMV folder) and it works. Just wondering how I can fix it so that the help file opens when I click on Content, like its...
  19. Yoraee

    Displaying Skill Range Before Selecting

    Hi, its me again XD During battle I do not see the range of a skill until after I select it. This could be tedious for when I have many skills and am going through them one by one. Is there a way to display the range when I'm only "hovering over" a skill? Additional Info: I'm using...
  20. Yoraee

    Decrease speed of stepping animation for events?

    The stepping animation speed is too high for my NPCs. Is there a way to decrease the stepping animation speed?

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