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  1. Zoomko

    Is there any way to show different messages based on active actor?

    Yeah, I meant party leader. Thanks for answer!
  2. Zoomko

    Is there any way to show different messages based on active actor?

    Hey everyone! Is there any way (plugin/script call/etc) to show different message based on your active party member. For example, you have a villager and he says Hi, then your active actor is X, but he will say Bye if your active character Y.
  3. Zoomko

    YEP.34 - Sublcass to specific class.

    Hello everyone! I have a problem with Yanfly Subclass system. Is it possible to make a sublcass to a class? For example. I want Warrior as a main class and Paladin as a Subclass to him. But if you you have, for example Mage as a primary class and want to switch to Mage, paladin just switching...
  4. Zoomko

    Need help w/ help menu script.

    I get it! Thanks!
  5. Zoomko

    Need help w/ help menu script.

    Hello everyone. I started to learn ruby 3 day ago and here's my problem: class Window_MenuCommand alias zoomhelp_add_original_commands add_original_commands def add_original_commands zoomhelp_add_original_commands add_command("Help", :help) endendclass Scene_Menu alias...
  6. Zoomko

    Who has kaduki sprites, busts and faces?

    Hello everyone! Since kaduki clodes his site I wonder where I can find his characters/faces/busts?

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