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  1. Sektor

    RMMV Yanfly StatAllocation add a stat via JS script ?

    Hello, I have added the YEP_StatAllocation script on my project, and i would like to add some Critical damage to a player when he talk to a npc, or when he use an item in the menu. I would like to call a script like but i'm too noob to understand the code and the...
  2. Sektor

    [MV] Olivia Octobattle Randomly crash

    Hi again, Sorry for beeing such a noob in JS... Recently I have random crashes when I start fights. It seems to be the 'push' property who is undefined, I take the JS to find the lines were 'push' is defined but I don't find what cause the crashes... Sometimes it doesn't crash at all and...
  3. Sektor

    [MV] Olivia Boost Point System Require BP

    Hi, I'm totally new at RpgMaker. And I use the Olivia OctoPack Battler system in my game. And I have some issues with the Boost point system... I want to create a spell that Require 3 BP to be used. But : <Require 3 BP> don't work for me...

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