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  1. Help Disabling Yanfly Battle Core's Idle Motion Override during an Actor's Turn

    Hello folks! I'm using Yanfly's VisualStateFX plugin to get a 'Chanting' motion for a state a character stays in. The only problem is that when it's that player's turn, they default to the walk/idle animation until their turn is over (I would prefer them to be chanting the whole time/except...
  2. Looking for way to refresh Player Status in Menu without changing maps

    Hi there! Plugins used: Yanfly's Main Menu / Auto Passive States I have a character who can toggle between 1 of 3 Auto Passive States at a time. They have a Field Only skill that pulls up a Common Event that turns one of these States at a time, turning the others off. Trouble: The icon for...

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I wish character bust packs had options for both side-facing and front-facing for the same characters.
Looks like I'm going to have to cancel another game.
For now it is in testing phase: Changing the game icon from Rm2k/2k3 without needing to edit the executable.
When there's a will, there's a lifehack. :ninja:

Before i mess with battle UI further, does it look decent enough? :hswt:

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