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  1. Rapu

    0% MP and Class Specifics

    It's not wise to use script if you can achieve easily the same without it. Shaz's method works just fine.
  2. Rapu

    Amaranth's Super Simple Mouse System for Ace

    I have to say that this is the best mouse script for Ace. I read the instructions and couldn't find a way to activate an event when mouse button is clicked (without player actually walking on that position), if the event is unreachable by player.   Also my fresh project crashes when I press...
  3. Rapu

    Update the Master Script List and earn a forum award icon!

    Your Wikia account name: Rapu1   The names of the scripts you added (at least 5): 1) Character Sockets 2) Earthbound-Ish Battle System 3) Individual Strikes when Dual Wielding 4) Icon Item List 5) Tile Highlight
  4. Rapu

    Games you acknowledge are good but still don't like.

    There are many: Minecraft Final Fantasy VII, VIII & Tactics Chrono Cross Chrono Trigger Grandia The World Ends With You Fallout 1, 2 & Tactics Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Earthbound Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic World of Warcraft
  5. Rapu

    Sound not working during test play on my project.

    Are you using Yanfly's System Options or something similar? If you are, maybe the default volumes are set to 0. If you don't know how to increase those default volumes, try to remove the script. One possible solution is to make a new copy of your project, then opening the copied project and...
  6. Rapu

    L & R buttons don't seem to work.

    Try to use a less complex event to see if the problem lies to your event. Something like this: If this doesn't work, then your script(s) causes problem. EDIT: Another solution would be to change the order of your scripts. Probably not much help in this situation though.
  7. Rapu

    L & R buttons don't seem to work.

    Are you sure you haven't somehow messed up your keybinds? I just created a conditional branch that checks if L or R button is being pressed and it worked, as it should have. In any case, two things which can cause problems comes to my mind: One, your keybinds are messed up. Two, your script(s)...
  8. Rapu

    Problems with DirectX Audio

    So what? Your files can still be corrupted. Just reinstall the DirectX and see if the error pops up again.
  9. Rapu

    RPG Maker Web Pixel Quilt 2012

    @frieza: That's really awesome! XD
  10. Rapu

    RPG Maker Web Pixel Quilt 2012

    I made a small edit on my E3 tile, is that okay? I'm using imgur to upload my 'not so important' pictures and dropbox for everything else.EDIT:
  11. Rapu

    Force action error in Yanfly's ace battle engine

    Probably script compatibility issue. What scripts are you using? What battle system? Btw, googled the error and someone else had same problem:
  12. Rapu

    Question about shops/inn

    I bet you have just tinkered the tileset. Check your tileset from database and make sure your counters have these "diamond" symbols on them:
  13. Rapu

    RPG Maker Web Pixel Quilt 2012

    Never done anything like this before. Nonetheless this is my E3 tile: Things just got more serious!
  14. Rapu

    Begginer Question on the Shadow Pen

    That's because shadow pen only paints the ground level (Tile A). It's used for drawing wall and building shadows.
  15. Rapu

    Anti-Aliasing(I think?)

    He's talking about IG Maker. >_>
  16. Rapu

    VX Ace 'Features' guide

    When in editor, press F1 to see help file. Everything is explained there.
  17. Rapu

    Title menu

    Credits to Yami:
  18. Rapu

    MSS - Correct Sprite Display

    Just tested this on my project, which is kind of script heavy. Works like a charm, thanks!
  19. Rapu

    Inserting a Script

    Open those RB files in Notepad and copy their content and paste them into the Script Editor. Script Editor can be accessed by pressing small paper sheet icon on top of the Ace editor, or by pressing F11. Scripts must be placed below Materials section but above main.
  20. Rapu

    Very Simple Hud

    Yes there is a way. First you'll need to configure the switch ID from the script, by default it's 1. Then go to the Common Events.Make a new Common Event and make it Parallel Process, choose another switch that activates this Common Event. You need to activate this somewhere in your game to...

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