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  1. Alador

    Event Problems

    Hiya fellow game devs...
  2. Alador

    Tying up loose ends; I need a couple more dungeon ideas

    Hello there fellow game devs! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me, so I have a couple of questions for some dungeon ideas. First off, it's important to know that my game is a 3d Non-Euclidian puzzle game, so most of the mechanics revolve around perception and illusion. With that out of the...
  3. Alador

    RMMV Shaz Tile Changer but it works with MV3D

    Hello fellow game devs, I'm looking for a plugin/wondering if anyone could modify shaz's to work with MV3D. I know that MV3D renders tiles from the map and not how MV renders tiles which is why they're not exactly compatible, but does anyone know of a way to make this work? I have found a...
  4. Alador

    RMMV change tiles in a map with script call

    Hello there fellow game devs, I am trying to make a "map within a map" of sorts. My idea is to have a script call/parallel event change certain tiles of the floor in order to make a sort of 2D sidescrolling section of my game. Is there any way to go about this? Sorry if I'm really unclear, and...
  5. Alador

    Mario Oddysey-esque System

    Hello there fellow game devs, I was wondering if you could help me make a sort of Mario Oddysey-esque system where you can turn 2D, similar to how it's done in Oddysey. First off, I'm using the paid version of MV3D. Second off, here's how I want it to work: you have the ability to sink into...
  6. Alador

    RMMV [SOLVED] First Person in MV3D?

    Hey there, fellow game devs, looking at some of the screenshots of the MV3D Plugin, it seems as if there is a first-person mode in the plugin but the plugin description says nothing about it... could someone clarify if there's first person for this plugin or not? Thanks!
  7. Alador

    RMMV Turning/Movement

    Hey there fellow game devs, I was wondering if there was a way to edit Game_Character.prototype.TurnRight/Left90 so that it... well so that it turns less than 90 degrees. I tried editing the code to run on degrees (180/Math.PI) but turns out any number other than 2, 4, 6, or 8 results sin a...
  8. Alador

    RMMV Chrono Engine Specifications?

    Hello there fellow game devs, I just had a quick question about the specific Chrono Engine plugins used in the game Fractalis, as I looked up Chrono Engine and saw some unrelated, albeit interesting non-turn-based battle. So, could you assist me in finding which onen was used in Fractalis? I...
  9. Alador

    [SOLVED] Quick question about... fair use, I think-

    Hiya fellow game devs, this one's kinda off-topic but it's related to my rpg maker game, so I'll post it here- If I were to theoretically compose a carnival song for my game's OST that utilizes mostly the leitmotif (or melody) from Entry of the Gladiators and occasionally a leitmotif from...
  10. Alador

    Battle System in a Puzzle Game

    Hello there, fellow game devs! I have run into a bit of a roadblock... I need to include combat in my puzzle game, but am not exactly sure how to go about it. I want something like the GLaDOS fight from Portal, except that, while in Portal the player has a portal gun that is the main focus of...
  11. Alador

    Front View or Side View?

    Hey there fellow game devs, I thought it'd be fun to see which battle version is more popular, side view or front view, so I am honestly asking, which do you prefer?
  12. Alador

    Stylization and Enemy Design

    Hello there, fellow gamedevs, I have run into a bit of a roadblock here. As some of you probably know, I am making a game based off of math and such. I want all of my bosses to be based off of irrational numbers, with the golden ratio being the final boss as it is the "most irrational." But...
  13. Alador

    Non-Euclidian Battle System

    Hello there, fellow game devs, like my previous post about the enemies, I already made a post about this, but thought it might be good to go a little more in-depth here. So, as some of you might know, I am making a non-euclidian puzzle game meets RPG, and any good RPG has a combat system. But...
  14. Alador

    Monster Species Design/Brainstorm

    Hello there, fellow game devs! I already posted a thread kind of like this, but I thought it would be good to make a separate thread so I can go into some more detail. Basically, I need some help brainstorming some ideas for a monster species in my game because I have no creativity ideas are...
  15. Alador

    Some Non-Euclidean Stuffs

    (aaaa sorry for the wall of text haha-) Hello there, my fellow game devs! So, I have some questions regarding how a theoretical Non-Euclidean RPG would work. For those of you who don't know what non-euclidian geometry is, it's basically a shape that " den[ies' or go[es] beyond Euclidean...
  16. Alador


    Hello there, fellow game devs, this is probably a dumb question, but I was wondering if it is possible to backspace in the character name enter screen thingy. I kind of want this portion of my game to work like FF Six... I think...? Anywho, I want there to be characters, and you can give them...
  17. Alador

    RMMV Fun Little Particle Problem

    Hey there. fellow game devs! I was wondering yet again if you could assist me like you have so many times before. So, I have downloaded the Particle Emitting Plugin, but I have run into somewhat of a conundrum. I need to anchor the particles to the mouse, but not just that. I also need the...
  18. Alador

    RMMV Small Math Problem That's Probably Dumb

    Hey there fellow game devs, so I am probably being really stupid here, but I need a way to check all the numbers in between x and y. For example, say that x=10 and y=1. I need a way to check if ____ is equal to all the numbers between 10 and 1. There's probably a really easy math function to...
  19. Alador

    RMMV Detect Drawn Shapes?

    Hello there, fellow game devs, I was wondering if there might be a plugin (or a way to code a plugin) for a specific minigame I have in mind. First off, have any of you played the 2020 Halloween Google Doodle? Or maybe that game in the Google Santa's Workshop where you draw things and a robot...
  20. Alador

    Difficulty Staging, I think

    Hello there, fellow game devs. I was wondering if you could help me with something. So, in my project I am working on, there are four kingdoms. Each of them are themed after a different creative skill, like coding, art, music, and writing. What I need some help with is figuring out how to make...

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