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  1. lemongreen

    FREE Veyrra (a Sci-fi Fantasy RPG)

    (Just a note: I originally made this for Yaoi Game Jam in 2016; I've been trying to keep it around about an ESRB rating of Teen [just as a general guideline], but it might slip into mature themes anyway due to the topics I'd like to explore in it. If this makes you uncomfortable, there are lots...
  2. lemongreen

    FREE Need help with a IGMC 2017 entry

    Engine: MV (I've already started putting the code in, but if somebody can convince me otherwise I'm open to using any of the other engines. I own all of them) Synopsis: The story is basically about a girl named Kayla who gets kidnapped to a magical realm by a prince who thinks she's a hero. The...
  3. lemongreen

    lemongreen's edit dump

    Edit - 3/31/21: I should have linked it earlier (I really haven't been on here that much lately, and it's mostly due to life being a bit all over the place, so my focus has really been shot) but I have most of what's here for free to download from I'll also have the link available at...
  4. lemongreen

    Need help with menu layout

    Before it's asked, yes I looked through the example demos and I'm still not sure what I'm doing with this... (though I do have a general idea of how I should be setting it up, at least; I'm just not getting it to work...) This is what I'm trying to make (for the most part): And I've at least...
  5. lemongreen

    Help with a sprite edit

    Hey, I would like some help with a sprite edit. I started it at least: I'd like for it to match this face (it doesn't have to be perfect): As said, don't worry about making it perfect, I'm just going to be using it for a few cutscenes. (to be honest, I might just recolor the rest of the...
  6. lemongreen

    Irrational Secrets

    (I've been meaning to put this up here for awhile now...) Genre: Dark Paranormal Mystery Adventure Total approximate playtime (so far): 5 minutes (I'm probably biased on this, though) *   The International Division is the leading global power in the world, one that many don’t trust...
  7. lemongreen

    Downed/sick sprite

    I've been trying to do this myself but it's just slightly above my pixel art skills at the moment... I'm working with this sprite at the moment: (originally from here) I'd prefer for the sprite to look like he's crawling (this is what I'm having problems with) He should be facing to the...
  8. lemongreen

    XP/Ace to Mack conversion help

    Okay, so I'm trying to change a sprite that I happen to have an Ace/Vx style of and XP style of:    into a Mack format so it fits in a bit better with some other sprites I'm using, but I think I've hit the barrier of what I can currently do with pixel art. I did manage to get somewhat of a...
  9. lemongreen

    Chess piece sprites?

    I feel like I always make such strange requests when I come in here... Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could make (or knew if there already were any) chess pieces in the form of sprite sheets. I have some that are a part of a tilesheet (from here) but they're rather flat looking... (not that...
  10. lemongreen

    Very Simple Item Menu

    Simple Item Menu ver. 1.0 by lemongreen Introduction Just a very simple edit to the item menu so it only shows Items and Key Items; also the number total now only shows for regular items. It also gets rid of the help box. I made it based on the item menu from Mad Father due to liking the style...
  11. lemongreen

    Changing how game over works

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to change it so that instead of being taken straight to the Game Over screen after your party loses all their health it could either jump to a map first, or just be changed to a map entirely. I know that the contingency for this is on...
  12. lemongreen

    Modern looking chandelier?

    Hey everyone; a bit of a strange request (possibly) I was wondering if there's a modern looking chandelier anywhere. I'm currently using Celianna's (amazing) ones from her tileset, but the candles look a little out of place (I'm sure I could probably explain it away as them being electric, but...
  13. lemongreen

    Switch out actor level for a variable

    (not sure what else to tag this with...) Okay, so I'm using SoulPour777's Menu á la Majo no Ie (minus the item menu changing stuff because I'm using a different setup for that) but the script uses the actor's level as their age. I would still like to show the age of the actors, but I'd also...
  14. lemongreen

    Indecisions (that's seriously the title)

    Had to unfortunately scrap my original game idea (I'll still keep the stuff for it at the bottom of this post unless that seems to be too cumbersome) Instead, I working on a visual novel style game (it's turning somewhat like a choose your own adventure story) Considering there's not really a...
  15. lemongreen

    Item scene modification

    Edit: I've actually figured out how to script this from the base scripts myself for the most part (I really didn't think I was able to understand RSS3 all that well yet...) I still need help changing the item numbers to show up only on certain conditions (if possible) If you (for whatever...
  16. lemongreen

    Need a sprite converted to DS+ style

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone would please help in converting a sprite over to DS+ style for a short game idea I have (it's not imperative that I get it right away so you can take as much time as you want or need with it) Here's the sprite: I'd do it myself, but I really just barely got...
  17. lemongreen

    Need a bust age-progressed

    This is probably bit of a... out there request. See, I'd like to segment the story in my game a bit by adding past and present portions (of about a 20 or so difference) and most of the other character busts work just fine for this except one. (bust is from here) If possible I'd like somebody...
  18. lemongreen

    Some stuff I've made

    Hey, thought it was about time I share a few of my creations with the greater RPG Maker community (though, I have to admit I still haven't made anything really impressive yet...) Pictures BattleStart Batters Faces/Busts Sprites I also have a few (kinda bad) music tracks...
  19. lemongreen

    Showing icons instead of heath bar in menu

    Actually, I can guess which line I need to mess with in window_base to get rid of the heath bar (I already have the numbers over it commented out, anyway), it's just replacing it with icons that I'm not quite sure on... and I'm not really sure if something like this already exists because it's...
  20. lemongreen

    Irrational Secrets (currently looking for team)

    This game actually has a page if you'd like to view the informaton there (I also have a fairly short demo up in case you want to look over the gameplay in that, though some features have already changed slightly, just as a warning). Basically I've been finding as I continue working...

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