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  1. Jomarcenter

    MJMJS - Title Logo MZ

    Looking for the MV Version? go here---> MJM Title Logo Plugin 1.0 (for MZ) Based on the old MJMJS - BASIC title logo plugin now comes a MZ version which is recoded for MZ complete compatibility NOTE: It is...
  2. Jomarcenter

    Gotcha Gotcha Games? and crediting

    So since the entire RPG maker Software is now under Gotcha Gotcha Games ( ) Do we need to update credits from Kadokawa/Enterbrain/or whatever they gonna called next in the future to whatever now owned RPG maker like Gotcha Gotcha Games And also Can someone give me a...
  3. Jomarcenter

    RMMZ All MZ Plugin Parameters

    Hello I am currently updating the MV visual studio parameter files and started to work on MZ specific set. I want what is added to MZ so I can make a major update on the file. as...
  4. Jomarcenter

    MJMJS - Single Save Data UI Modification plugins (Plugins set)

    MJMJS_OneSaveDataInfoMenu 1.0 & MJMJS_OneSaveDataSaveWindow 1.0 By Jomarcenter-MJM Introduction So you just want your game to just basically load One Save... Not two, Not four and most definitely not infinity universes just one well I got you the solution and also allows to give more...
  5. Jomarcenter

    [Sublime Text] RPG Maker MV Snippet for plugin developement

    The semi-Complete snippet for the RPG Maker MV plugin development snippets for Sublime text 2 and 3 from the Visual Studio code version, now ported to sublime. This add-on allowed to autocomplete all the necessary code for easier plugin developements Source code...
  6. Jomarcenter

    Help in storing different new data in player's save file and how can I populate a selectable list

    So Basically very new to the rpg maker MV coding scene and I already have a understanding of coding. But since documentation and examples for RPG Maker MV is basically nonexistence Basically what I am trying to do is to make a list of teleportation location and with functionality allow the...
  7. Jomarcenter

    MJMJS-Basic Title Logo

    MJM Title Logo Plugin 1.0 By Jomarcenter-MJM Introduction Instead of that boring text on the title menu or opening up your image editor just to place a logo on a background (which is not a good thing to do) Introducing MJMJS Basic, A series of plugins that basically add some additional...
  8. Jomarcenter

    [VSCode] RPG Maker MV plugin Generator for plugin developement version 0.3.0

    This extension for visual studio code allows you to generate new RPG Maker MV plugin files with just a simple command features: Create a completely filled plugin template create a blank plugin template notes: This is still a work in progress, please report any bugs so I can see if I can fix...
  9. Jomarcenter

    [VSCode] RPG Maker Javascript Snippet for plugin developement

    NEW Version 2.0.0 with minor tweaks for MZ plugin developers! The semi-Complete snippet for the RPG Maker MV and MZ plugin development snippets for Visual Studio code Make your necessary parameters easier as well making setting up your plugin in a snap Features And planned: Complete...
  10. Jomarcenter

    MJMJS - One Save Data Plugin Pack

    MJM One Save Data plugin Pack Current Versions: 0.2 Note this plugin works best alongside with MJM Start Screen plugin (Coming Soon) or other third-party Start Screen plugins Feature Only allowed 1 save Data (implemented) Change the look of the title screen to be more informational (partially...
  11. Jomarcenter

    MJM Copyright information Plugin

    MJM Copyright Information Plugin 1.0 By Jomarcenter-MJM Introduction So someone stole your game again and its that one guy again. Well this plugin can solve any problem. Screenshot: Feature: Insert copyright information on the title screen. Print out the copyright information on the Web...
  12. Jomarcenter

    Jomarcenter-MJM Scripts series

    Attention: due to recent update on yanfly plugin incident. The jomarcenter gaming studio team and mjm creative works and iideas team are evulating on what happened to a fellow plugin creator and determined the course of action. Please do take note that any attempt of unauthorized use of any of...
  13. Jomarcenter

    no IGMC this year..?

    SO I always expected anytime when Degica made a Humble Bundle for RPG maker there always that yearly IGMC accompanies with it (since the prize money is from the bundle itself) so I am asking what happened? why no IGMC this year?
  14. Jomarcenter

    Resources from GENE and MADO can be used commercially?

    I notice additional assets from GENE and MADO add-on like music (ex RPGMV_M03_Event.ogg) and images, Can I use it commercially?
  15. Jomarcenter

    Can I use RPG Maker Resources in Pixel Game Maker MV (A Kadokawa product)

    So as the title said since Pixel game maker MV ( ) (unless if unknowably AGM Playism is owned by Degica or kadokawa by any chance) but it is a product by Kadokawa. especially since there a lot of plugin in the software that allowed the use of such...
  16. Jomarcenter

    Making my first plugin gone wrong or confused, help.

    So I am having problem with how RPG Maker MV code due to the nature of the engine having little to no code documentation and I am just working on how I think it works thru the provided code and the code from other so see how it works with no luck. So I am working on a plugin that allowed to pop...
  17. Jomarcenter

    anyone explain the RPGMV_MXX.ogg files in GENE?

    So I am out of the loop and questioning myself since it been a while since I last check the community during the production of 3 game projects as well school work to notice after purchaseing humble bundle activating GENE that I notice RPGMV_M01 - 04 ogg files that look like part of the base...
  18. Jomarcenter

    Future Steam Punk Collection DLC put the music folder put all of it's files outside of the DLC

    So checking around after purchasing and notice one of the DLC put their file outside of their respective folder. And I am not a very OCD kind of person but I am just pointing it out.
  19. Jomarcenter

    E-Sport and gaming Summit - Uses RPG Maker Assets for their venue map

    So ESGS is comming up in the philippine, I Am very excited to go to the event But suddently I am surprised with their venue map uses RPG Maker Assets It is posted on their official facebook page: IDK what to say? To Mods: IDK where I supposed to placed this properly but I think general...
  20. Jomarcenter

    Rpg maker MV (the software itself) for PS4 and Switch

    So there was a major leak from amazon (as always) that Rpg maker MV (the software itself) for sony PS4 and Nintendo Switch system will be release/announce. news article: so any thought on this one? And also are we going to get the...

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