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  1. supercow

    what is Art Academy for ?

    i saw the art academy in the Events & Academies for a few days now, and its always at 0 what is it for? whats the rule / regulation ?
  2. supercow

    Supercow Tilesets

    SUPERCOW TILESETS im just gonna pile all tilesets i've made here in the past or later in the future. all these resources is for non commercial game only. dont forget to credit if used. critique is welcomed. 1.Lufia Tileset: 2.Lufia Dark Tileset: Screenshot: 3.Christmas Tileset...
  3. supercow

    Super Modern Outdoor Tileset v3.1

    Super Modern Outdoor Tileset v3.1   the tileset is my custom and not affiliated with xp or vx/ace any advice or suggestion  is appreciated BD Map Pack v3.1 = 16 example of map in XP (Size is 8.2 mb)   Screenshot: Credit: Supercow...
  4. supercow

    SuperCow resource for Car , helicopter, train, plane+robots

    This is resource that i made either for a request or i just wanted to make them. and im just gonna bundle them together (except for sprite which all over the place cuz i forget whatever i made or where). i am going to continue to update this with new things. if anyone have advice or...

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