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  1. RetroBoy

    Breaking Point

    I have been a member of the RPG Maker Community in one form or another since about 2003. I am making this post because I came back to make a game I had a clear vision of. My goal was to create something happy and positive, to contrast the heartbreak and difficulty I had experienced in life and...
  2. RetroBoy

    Scripting Format?

    Hey Folks, Is there a standard script format for writing events? Anyone got any video game scripts I can see? I feel things getting cluttered and difficult to manage. I also keep losing flow.
  3. RetroBoy

    Lunatic Help: If Target Defeated

    I am using the standard Yanfly stuff. I was wondering what command do I use for "If actor/enemy defeated?" For Example: If Target is Defeated, raise AGI by 50%.
  4. RetroBoy

    [Yanfly] JS Code Question(s) >>EASY<<

    Hey Folks, Another newbie question from RetroBoy. If I place this into the notebox of a skill, will it add a State prior to attacking and then remove the state after the attack is concluded, will that work? I want to make a skill that has a higher critical chance. So, I have made a state which...
  5. RetroBoy

    Question Regarding %1, %2, etc.

    What are all the %1 commands? Can I set a skill to read (user name) uses %1 on (defender name)?
  6. RetroBoy

    YEP Skill Core: Another Simple JS Question

    Hey Folks, Still trying to get the hang of things, is this right? If not, why not -- what did I get wrong? <Custom Post-Damage Eval> if (b.isStateAffected(85)) </Custom Post-Damage Eval> I want the skill to be activated, unless the Target is afflicted with State 85.
  7. RetroBoy

    [YEP SKILL CORE] Passive Skills Requirements

    Does anyone know how to set <Custom Requirement> so a skill can only be used if an actor/enemy knows another skill and it is currently unsealed?
  8. RetroBoy

    Simple JS Question

    I want to remove a state (actually two states) when another state is removed. Is there someway (using Yanfly scripts) that I can have it so that State A and B are removed from the Actor/Enemy if State C is removed. What code do I use?
  9. RetroBoy

    RPG MAKER MV: Max Number of States?

    Alright, I know that the first response is probably "you have too many states" but I am working on a tactical game and I have a lot of passive states. I am worried I'll have more than what the engine currently allows. Is there someway of getting rid of the 200 state limit or increasing it?
  10. RetroBoy

    If State?

    Hey Folks, I am using a bunch of Yanfly Scripts, so I know this works but I am not sure... HOW... IF b.hasState(72) == true { State(132) == true;} Is this right? (I cant test it for myself currently without making a whole new project). Essentially, I want the Skill to inflict the status...
  11. RetroBoy

    Size Factor [PAID]

    Hey True Beleivers, I need a Plugin that allows me to make “Size” a factor in my game. There are six sizes: They are currently set as PASSIVE STATES and I am only using Yanfly Scripts and the LeCode Tactical Battle System. The functions I require are as follows: I want the ability to...
  12. RetroBoy

    Stacking TP

    Hey, I am using Yanfly scripts, so this is probably another thing that can be done via lunatic mode (if so I am all ears). Essentially, I have a Skill, it gains +1 TP each consecutive time it is used, but I want it to stack. For Example: +1 on the first use, +2 on the second, +3 on the third...
  13. RetroBoy

    TP Gain Tags [Passive State(s)]

    Hello, I would like a plugin that allows me to set a type to a class, for example: <Power> And set the same on a Skill in the Note Box. Then, if the Actor (or Enemy) uses a Skill of the coresponding note (in this example: <Power>) they raise their TP by 1 or 2 (being able to set the number...
  14. RetroBoy

    [IMPROVEMENT] Additional Base Mechanics (as per Request)

    Description of the Feature: As per requested I am asking for the addition of base functions that appear as common tropes in the modern JRPG Genre. Tags: The ability to Tag something with a simple drop down menu and the Tag function added to the System Menu. Essentially like Weapon and...
  15. RetroBoy

    [Improvement] Tie Attributes to Actor instead of Class

    Description of the Feature: Its probably just me but I'd like the ability to the Actor Tab and tie stats gained per level in the Class Tab. It is probably just a personal preference but I thought, why not ask. I am probably not the only one that has had the idea of adding +2 or +3 stats per...
  16. RetroBoy

    [Improvement] Enemies as Actors

    Description of the Feature: The ability to check a box and change the enemy tab to be like an actor. Primarily the ability to equip Enemy's with Weapons, Armor and Equipment. As well as provide them with Equipment Slots, levels (as per Class) and scaling attributes if you so desire. Also a...
  17. RetroBoy

    Bonus Assets (Routine Release) via DL Editor

    Description of the Feature: I would like the company to hire or put to work a small team of people. Their entire job is to create maps and Generator Parts and upload them on a weekly or biweekly rate. Then update the Resource Manager so you can browse these "Stock" Maps and Generator Parts and...
  18. RetroBoy

    200% increase is the Max Right?

    So if I wanted an item that maxed out an attribute, this is how I do it, right? I know this is a noob question.
  19. RetroBoy

    Please recolor this egg?

    I want it to be a vibrant green with red splotches. :)
  20. RetroBoy

    Random Map Generator+

    The ability to generate an over-world with a click of a button. The ability to generate cities or forests, or any map with click of a button and then modify to fit your custom need. A program exists called "Hexographer" it is ancient but the mechanical function could be easily modified and...

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