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  1. JoTerra

    Requesting a Battle Song.

    Resource Type: Music Maker Format: MV Description: I'm looking for a song a little like Way of the Embodied Dragon from Tales of Berseria. Or another in the same style, just one song. Reference: (Dunno if Allowed) ¡Thanks in advance!
  2. JoTerra

    Player ignores tileset configuration

    Hi, i have the following problem. When i use certain tileset (SF) my character just gets into every tile, doesn't matter if it's a roof or wall. (Notice how the party members actually respects the tileset configuration,but the main character don't) ¿How i can solve this problem?
  3. JoTerra

    Basic Game Armory + Battlers

    Welcome to my armory. Here are some weapons that i created [/SPOILER] (Thread has been edited to contain 1 link to all weapons, so it's easier to download, contains everything made up to this day) Free to use with non-commercial and commercial projects. Just Credit JoTerra (Edits are...

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