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  1. terrorchan

    Binding Keys to Gamepad?

    I'm trying out Mog's LMBS system and I personally prefer to use a gamepad, but this system uses other keys that aren't with the default layout (like 'd' and 'w'). How can I bind these controls to a gamepad? 
  2. terrorchan

    Old RPG Maker doubled size

    If I remember correctly, in the older RPG Makers, it would double the size of tiles and characters once launched. Is there a plugin in MV to make it do this as well? Would it be hard to make :0
  3. terrorchan

    Tileset Style Advice

    Sharm recommended I put this topic here ^-^ Anyway, I want to know what resource pack best fits my artstyle. I know it can be weird to have battlers and portraits being too different from the map tiles. I'm on mobile and can't really paste images here, but I have links in my signature to show...
  4. terrorchan

    Mismatched Art Styles

    Hey, I need some feedback from you guys. I'm making a few of my own custom assets. I have made battlers and portraits.  My main concern came about when the game went from in-game to battles. I'm trying to make my game look polished and I'm not sure the conflicting art styles work.  I'm...
  5. terrorchan

    Rexal's Animated Enemies - Unflip the battlers

    I need help with the excellent script :) I would like to know how to make the battle sprites not flip! I can see why this would be a cool feature for most, but I'm making completely custom battlers for every single enemy and it's a pain in the butt to flip each individual frame.  I looked...
  6. terrorchan

    [FULL] Character Art - Portraits and Animated Battlers

    Most likely, I'll open a commission shop in the near future, so order while it's free! ❤  Free for both commercial and non commercial purposes as long as you credit me ❤    Do note that facesets, especially VX/Ace, don't tend to be very high quality due to space limitations :(...
  7. terrorchan

    If you were to play a visual novel, how would you prefer it play?

    This may seem like a silly question, but if you were to play a visual novel or a dating sim, how do you think it would be best to operate? Option A would be that there is no 'walking around' or exploring, it's all done with picture. Think Clannad. or would you prefer  Option B it...
  8. terrorchan

    Conversation System

    Basicially, I want a script like this  It can be done via common events but that takes so long and is very tedious.  I havent seen anything like this in the JS plugin release area so I figured I'd try here. 
  9. terrorchan

    Enemy Radar

    We can all pretty much agree random encounters that are unavoidable suck. And having the enemies appear on the map looks kinda goofy (especially flying enemies or really big ones) and converting them to sprite form from their battle form makes it even worse.  In VX Ace, there was a script that...
  10. terrorchan

    Really weird disappearing tiles!

    I honestly have no idea what's going on ToT I put one thing in the editor but it looks weird in-game! Please help me. It's making the map look weird! I don't know if this is supposed to happen or how to fix it. The only map plugin I have is Kaus Overlay for lights in certain locations, but...
  11. terrorchan

    Leveling Points

    Upon leveling up, I think it would be cool to choose where some of your new strengths will go. Like, it gives another level of customization and strategy. Say you want a specific character to have a stronger attack so you spend all your points on it, ect.  Similar to the one in Legionwood. Am I...
  12. terrorchan

    Best Screen Resolution

    What do you guys think the ideal screen resolution be? Default? Something bigger like most other games? Is it worth having to deal with incapability with certain plugins? Do you find games with the default resolution to be 'n00bish'?
  13. terrorchan

    Terrorchan's Animated and Static Battlers

    Yes, I take requests. My style is cute, kinda silly, and sorta whimsical. I cannot mimic RTP styles, so please don't ask. Thanks.   Rules: -If you request one for free, it is a community resource. You don't get exclusive rights unless you buy them. Contact me if you wish to do...

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