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  1. GraveBusta

    Will GG maker consumers who bought their product back in march via webstore get a refund?

    Now this is not a complaint thread keep your rage comments out I want productivity nothing more. I was not emailed at all about the incident and I just now noticed the thread looking at the announcements looking for something interesting and instead I found horror xD Will we get a refund from...
  2. GraveBusta

    Rebirth- a plugin with reincarnation system

    It doesn't seem possible without a plugin to reset levels to 1 while keeping stats, I would like someone to please design a plugin that adds a new option in thew events menu that will reset the player's level and keep a certain % of your stats I would like the ability to customize this but a...
  3. GraveBusta

    New Game +

    Thinking of adding new game plus where stats but not level carry over that however will prob require a script/plugin,if there is a method without using a plugin/script where the player keeps the stats but not the level without using a plugin/script please help me in the comments below, I have...
  4. GraveBusta

    how do i convert mv assets to 2003 format?

    I bought a legal copy of MV I love the art style of MV and I love the OST and the facegen but heres the thing 2003 offers the ability yo create an installer and that would make distributing  my game so much safer and easier so I would love to be able to put all my MV assets into 2003 (if...
  5. GraveBusta

    How to control EXP in troops and enemies

    I want to know how to set the exp to zero if the player level exceeds the enemy, for example I make a zombie I had its stats designed to be fought by level 5 players but I want if the player surpassed lvl 8 want the enemy unable to give EXP when when the player is lvl 8 or over.
  6. GraveBusta

    Luna and MV compatible?

    Is Luna Engine compatible with MV?
  7. GraveBusta

    Would like a script to make custom state auto heal.

    I thought there would be a way in vanilla RMXP to make Auto Heal which is similar to regen in final fantasy but I was told I need to request a script I hope it's not too much trouble ><
  8. GraveBusta

    How to create custom state "Auto Heal"?

    I need to make a state I wanna call Auto Heal in RMXP but I cannot seem to figure it out like instead of draining your HP like poison, HP will heal %1 per step like Regen in final fantasy.
  9. GraveBusta

    Forgot pin to prepaid visa

    I forgot pin to my prepaid readydebitgold for Visa and I may have to cancel subscribing that member+, I am not after my money back I just don't want to have a subscription if I cannot add more money to my card and have it bounce. Currently as of now I cannot remember the pin it was only 4 digits...
  10. GraveBusta

    3D vs 2D vs 2.5D

    Of all things I do not know why I feel like I love 2D and 3D best when in perfect harmony some might call it 2.5D,What are your opinions? Does it matter what dimension or do you have a specific favorite?  Really I am not picky I can play any Dimension and be satisfied but my personal favorite is...
  11. GraveBusta

    How to stitch tilesets together?

    I am using RMXP and I need some advice on how to stitch my tilesets together, I found these the author permits both commercial and non commercial use as long as I give them a free copy of the game (and ofc credit common sense there), the tile sets did not come merged together and I need a way to...
  12. GraveBusta

    manga style story organizer

    I need a gui system similar to the things people make with QT Creator that allows me to Organize my story, I would prefer something like chat bubbles and boxes like a comic or a manga please.
  13. GraveBusta

    RMXP bug

    I cannot seem to fix this issue, I keep making clean projects and for some reason I cannot add new enemies, I increased the max I can hold I even cleared it and made only 1 enemy but for some reason even after saving it won't process the new enemy I input in the database.
  14. GraveBusta

    Luna and abs.

    Can Luna help make action battle scripts or is it limited to UI?
  15. GraveBusta

    My Top 5 most addictive touhou theme

    My Top 5 most addictive touhou theme: 1. Septette for the Dead Princess- This theme seriously is arguably Zun's best work the theme gives a dark and mysterious vampire like feeling and then kicks off with a bad ass upbeat, even without a remix this theme can make you feel like you're against a...
  16. GraveBusta

    Weapon Icon/Sprites for XASABS (RMXP)

    I would like XASABS (RMXP) Weapon Icons and sprites please. I would love to have a sword sprite sheet containing swords 2-3 times as large as the original bronze sword that comes default. The details of the sword please do not worry about a specify theme I can go with magic or physical weapons...
  17. GraveBusta

    Best place to dev my game? New or Old PC?

    My old pc is kinda dying it randomly shut off on me little earlier and is extremely slow but then again doesn't that make games more stable on weaker PCs?  I don't know the answer so please help me out! New pc I am getting tomorrow or the old pc? I need an experts advice.
  18. GraveBusta

    Member+ question GraveBusta mode.

    This following is the stuff I already know about member+  ================================== ================================== Questions ========================================== 1. Q: About the the free resources are they all limited to graphics,tile sets,and sound files? Or will we...
  19. GraveBusta

    xasabs I am amazed

    When I found this I was amazed, like the scripts the site does are so advanced and extremely hard,but I am enjoying the challenge even if the tutorials for it leave out so much info I am actually having alot of fun. While I am not sure that learning xasabs will do me any good since it seems the...
  20. GraveBusta

    Are these sites legal?

    I found an interesting site full of different resource generators, however I am unsure as to how legal the site is especially when they have a program called Res Hack. it's also linked to other forums and sites it's a web and I am scared I am gona screw up and...

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