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  1. Mike-Turtle

    Medieval Library Tileset [no RTP] [tall-sprite] [MV] [MZ]

    I was unable to find a library tileset with a truly Medieval aesthetic for my current project Evergloom, so I decided to create one myself. This set is set up for MZ/MV in 48*48px but can be used in any engine (no RTP) . It contains: D Tiles: books, scrolls, and ink. C Tiles: bookshelves...
  2. Mike-Turtle

    RMMV Evergloom [RPG] [ABS] [Dark-Fantasy] Welcome to Ire's Keep Convent: The Magical Heart of Evergloom A magical-school full of rival factions, in a castle bursting with secrets, on a planet far from any star. Beneath the lace and perfume of the Sisterhood, an inevitably violent coup simmers hotter than the...
  3. Mike-Turtle

    Hi Eveyone!

    Been lurking here without an account for too long, so I decided to come and officially join! o/

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