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  1. SirGatling

    RMMV Aletoirs Feast - (One Map Challenge)

    A made this game for the "One Map Challenge" of this forum, hope you like it :D I made a simple boss rush with randomized elements so each new time you play it you can have a different experience Made it with plugins of: -Yanfly engine -SumRndDde -Fallen Angel Olivia -DreamX SYNOPSIS...
  2. SirGatling

    RMMV Oblivion Tales (prototype) [Update #4]

    Disclaimer: it's not shown yet but the game deals with topics relate vary slightly with sectarian and religious themes. ¡Hi! :D I want to show you the concept of a game that I'm working pretty hard on it, it's my first serious project, made it with the RTP but I have te intentions to add unique...

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Riding thru a slump and not sure how to drag myself out of it. Hate it when these moods take me. Trying to focus on my art but hit a wall with that(TT)
Trying to come up with an idea for a game, so far nothing.
I had one goal when I set out to make my Game Jam game. It didn't have to be super good and the game didn't have to have the best writing - it just had to NOT CRASH.

So yeah, someone was streaming it and it crashed.
Add Special Effects on Map with Tilesets | RPG Maker News #105

Excited to see all the entries for the 2021 Touch the Stars Gamejam.

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