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  1. OceansDream

    RMMV [RSW] Cast Ashore

    Hi! I haven't personally experienced that problem with collisions but I tried to keep everything triple scaled and not go too complex on overlapping tiles? Yeah I'm still working on games, I have a remake of Paradise Blue in the works as well! I just thought the 8 bit aesthetics here in Cast...
  2. OceansDream

    RMMV [RSW] Cast Ashore

  3. OceansDream

    Mapping Tips

    I asked some people about tips for making better maps. I also wrote some as well. Here you go! They are grouped by contributor. By Ocean’s Dream: -When mapping, keep the exits of the area clear. You want the players to know where they can leave the map instead of having it hidden by excessive...
  4. OceansDream

    A wild woman appears! Man flirts at it in confusion! (the personal picture thread)

    Ye cazs face is 50% hair! :D  I wish my face was 50% hair I need more hair. It's an Oshun! >
  5. OceansDream

    [IGMC 2015] Ruin Frontier 0

    While this is called Ruin Frontier 0, there is no need to have played the original Ruin Frontier to play this one. Any comments / feedback / criticism for this is appreciated!
  6. OceansDream

    [IGMC 2015] Recommended games list Not reaally my entry but I helped in it! This is Ruin Frontier 0, this time made by Jihaus.
  7. OceansDream


    Thanks! Name sounds familiar actually, so yes it is the same Ocean from ages ago, back in the 2k/3 days! Good times.
  8. OceansDream


    Long post, and appreciated! Presentation part- Thanks! We tried hard to give the game its own feel so I'm glad that worked out :D The setting- There's really a lot more backstory to it that Jihaus has that because of time constraints, could not be put in the game or adequately explained. We...
  9. OceansDream


    RPG Maker VX Ace! And.... it's another Ocean :O
  10. OceansDream


    Lore  At the height of mankind's intergalactic expansion, the frontier was discovered: an endless, uncharted alien dimension of infinite sky and floating landmasses, full of resources, life, and promise. Rapid colonization ensued, and soon a diverse, prosperous world was born. However, humanity...
  11. OceansDream


    Ooh, sure! I'll gladly read it! And yes I hope you enjoy
  12. OceansDream

    RTP Characters

    Nostalgia for the RM2k RTP chars, though surprised they didn't make the RM2k3 ones to spell out anything like they do most of the others.
  13. OceansDream

    EVERYTHING is wrong with Ocean's Dream. Never trust Ocean, ever. Ocean will STEAL YOUR CHEESECAKE.

    EVERYTHING is wrong with Ocean's Dream. Never trust Ocean, ever. Ocean will STEAL YOUR CHEESECAKE.
  14. OceansDream

    Dream job when young

    I wanted to own Squaresoft. Now I know better. So I'm going for Square-Eidos-Enix! (not really) It's kind of bad that I'm 30 now (D: ) and I am not sure what my dream job would be. I figured if I were a big enough indie dev so I can live off of what I sold, then that would be nice :D I need...
  15. OceansDream

    Restaff March - June 2014

    For those asking, my icons are more sprite add-ons to a map rather than icons. They're a bit too big to be icons but they can be put on a map for extra decoration! :D
  16. OceansDream

    Weekly Art Challenge #13

    btw since this is a weekly art challenge, I'd imagine any old works shouldn't count towards voting and all. It can be a cool piece and nice to have as a reference or "something to outdo" but not the piece you submit. The point of these challenges would be more towards practicing art and trying...
  17. OceansDream


    OK, enjoy it and feel free to tell me what you think! 
  18. OceansDream


    I got your email!  Sample, as I'm testing it out. Just going through the dialogue to see how it's like in Portuguese! :D But yay awesome! Feel free to let me know what the other Brazilians think of the game too!
  19. OceansDream


    Ahhh I am wrong, I was trying to do it from memory! Sure send the translated version and I can take a look! and thanks Dalph! I will hypnotize them all to play my game

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