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  1. hypershadic11

    Instant Map Scroll?

    I need help making the map scroll instantly, almost like a skip. I've set the map to scroll up as fast as it can, but I need something more instantaneous. Is this easy? Did I miss a block that can do this?... Or would i have to code it in?
  2. hypershadic11

    I need to know how to get my game out there...

    So, I'm making a game with RPG Maker VX Ace called The_Glitch, and I posted it in the "in development" section of the forums about a year ago... The game's come far, but those followers that I had at the beginning are gone, and there obviously aren't going to be any newcomers to a game that's...
  3. hypershadic11

    Flashlight not working in horror game?

    So, I've set up a flashlight in my horror game called The Glitch, and it's working pretty well... Except for just one problem that I'm having which is getting pretty annoying... I've set up conditional branches to run else if statements and determine the players x, y, and direction... The...
  4. hypershadic11

    Changing the font?

    I want to change the font for my game, for only a SINGLE line of text to wingdings. Can I get a script or some advice on how to do this? The main script of the game keeps the text at a default "Arial" font, and changing that would change the entire game's font, so I want a line of script to...
  5. hypershadic11

    Help with changing a game background?

    Okay, so... I was wondering how to change the title's background, can anybody help with that?
  6. hypershadic11


    I'm new to the community, know nothing about Ruby or game-making in general, BUT I CAN DRAW PIXEL ART! OH YEAH! checks one item off list only like 5 more things to completely master before I can post a legitimate game.......... BUT! That's actually where my co-workers come in-...
  7. hypershadic11

    RMVXA The_Glitch

    V0.5 Update Log: + Polished up dialogue + Bug fixes + More story + Multiple re-designs of areas + Quest Journal + Quests added + New Start + New quest in Perla Town + New area in Perla Town Synopsis The_Glitch is an RPG horror game about a young boy named Hikari and his best friend...
  8. hypershadic11

    If I make a game demo and post it on here, will other people steal my idea?

    I'm hoping not, because I've got a great idea for a game... So what will happen if I post an alpha demo to hear people's opinions?
  9. hypershadic11

    A bug happening... For no reason... With the original code of the game?

    Okay so what... Why... I'm so confused... The line of code is this, under Game_Event line 203: return false unless $game_switches[c.switch1_id] Usually I'd provide more... But... This is the original code of the game!... Script 'Game_Event' line 203: NoMethodError occurred. undefined...
  10. hypershadic11

    How to stop a game-over screen from erasing variables?

    There's a specific battle in my game, that'd I'd like to break the fourth wall with a little, like Undertale did... Call me a dweeb if you want, whatever, but I was hoping someone knew where to find the code for when it erases variables? I know how code works, but I've never studied it before...

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