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  1. FSM new DLC to be translated?

    Dear forum admins, do we know if the latest DLC of FSM (already relaeased in Japanese) is to be translated then released on the English RPGM website one day, or not? The FSM DLC has been great ressource packs for MV, I guess I won't be the only one interested in getting it as soon as translated...
  2. Map examples of Vexed Church

    Hello, I bought the great Vexed Member Plus pack, that includes DS styles tiles for churchs. I'm looking for pictures of sample maps using the outside tiles of this pack, as I cannot find a good way to exploit it. The "inside" tiles are great. Here an example from Vexed: And here one by me...
  3. Recolors & Sprite creation for DS Sprites

    Hi Everyone! I need 2 different things: Both: Resource Type: Characters (sprites) Both: Maker Format: VX Ace Both: Art Style: DS like Description 1: Unfortunately, the DS packs include some Damage/behavior sprites only for part of the total Characters. I need some recolors in order to have...
  4. Battle script for Time fantasy on VX ACE

    Hi all, This wonderfull Time fantasy pack is meant to be used with side-view battles. I'm using RPG MAker VX ACE and looking for an easy to use script for it. Do you know one? The aim is to get close to these examples...
  5. RPG Maker Fes ressources

    Hi all! Maybe stupid question: RPG maker is about to be launched for 3DS. Do we know if it is planned that its (nice:)) ressources will be available for purchase? Cheers
  6. Missing two animation sheets in the pack?

    Hi, I got the question. I bought the fantastic Time Fantasy pack from the rpgmakerweb portal. Then, when looking at the web, I found that image: These are characters included in the pack I bought, but the poses I see here are not included. When going to the dedicated blog, I...
  7. MV script for passability via regions

    Hi, For RPG maker VX ACE, I use a script from FenixFyrex called " In-Depth Maps" to manage map passability via regions. I like it as it is VERY simple to use. I've long been searching for a javascript doing the same for RPG maker MV, but without success. Do you know if such a...
  8. Permanent emoticons above characters

    Hi all, In many games, I see an interesting way of udentifying the characters you CAN interact with from the ones you cannot: emoticon (maybe the good word is ballon icons?) Two ways: - Either these characters have above their head a permanent animated emoticon (example: suspension...

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