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  1. Personigo de la Ĉefo

    Personigo's art showcase

    Good time of day to you, my dear visitor. I'm heavily enamored by the world of artwork. I do lotsa stuff and I daresay improve rapidly to the point where I feel almost physical pain looking back on some old stuff o' mine. But I think I have reached a level where I can show my stuff without...
  2. Personigo de la Ĉefo

    Personigo's massive XP giveaway

    Good time of day folks. Quite some time ago I was knee deep in making RPG maker XP games. Ah, memories... I made a lot of stuff for those too... Only now I have stepped up my game considerably and making higher-rate graphics for my project, but I do have a ton of leftovers from my previous...
  3. Personigo de la Ĉefo

    Personigo's MV resource giveaway!

    Hi there, folks! The MV is still fresh and young and I still hasn't completely learned it, so the practice is due! And while I do so, I will post the results of my practice here for everyone to use! No cost, no strings attached. Of course i will be glad to accept a few commissions to spice up my...
  4. Personigo de la Ĉefo


    Say, guys, is there any quick way for event to "memorize" things like skills character have and his stats? For example i want to make common event which will change character's skillset and stats and back, taking to account that these skills may vary.
  5. Personigo de la Ĉefo

    Personigo de la Ĉefo Resources

    Hello! Some people told me to start this topic so here i am ^_^  I mainly have RTP charsets and icons. Som are made from scratch, some are based on RTP. Here hey are:                                                              Here's some poses for those guys...
  6. Personigo de la Ĉefo

    Personigo de la Ĉefo showcase

    Hi there! I am mainly a pixel artist, that's what i've been doing from the very start. I can also do line art, but it's quality is far from one i desire. Nice to metcha'll! Here's some examples of what i do. If you want to use something - be my guest. No questions needed. But if you want...
  7. Personigo de la Ĉefo


       "...Eons before recorded history began, in the days following the Maker’s birthing of the universe, the Allfather did create man to tame the land, and the Gepensts to guard man and guide him through the Everafter.  When man’s hubris and power led him to violate the Everafter while he yet...

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