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  1. The Commander

    Collapse animation when boss is still alive?

    I'm using RPG Maker VX Ace, and what I'm what I'm wanting to do is for one particular boss encounter, I want the boss to show the collapse animation as a "transform" transition I guess. Example, a boss has one battler image, but about 15 to 10% health, the battler image shows the boss collapse...
  2. The Commander

    The Legend of Markiplier - Episode II: Chains of Eternity

    The Legend of Markiplier - Episode II: Chains of Eternity is a sequel to The Legend of Markiplier built on the RPG Maker VX engine by Sir Areis Lionheart/Necrodusk of Commander Games Studios, as a fangame series for youtuber Markiplier. A few weeks following their return to the "real" world...
  3. The Commander

    Object Counter

    Hi there, I am looking for a script that adds a sort of counter to the screen for only a very specific maps. What I mean is this: In my game, because it's an open world environment and takes place entirely within a (friendly) city, you cannot level up via normal means. To make up for this, I'm...
  4. The Commander

    GameJolt Achievement API script

    Hi there, I am looking for a way to implement an achievement/trophy API script connecting and stored on Gamejolt into various projects constructed on the RMVX engine so that players can score achievements while playing these games, such as my indev Warriors of Guardias II: The Age of Drakes and...
  5. The Commander

    GameJolt Achievement API script

    Hi there, since I've begun adding my various projects to the indie database, I've been looking into potentially finding some way to give players trophies as rewards for playing the games. One of these games was developed on RMXP, and, in fact, already has an ingame achievement...
  6. The Commander

    Running a Conditional Branch before the Menu

    Hi, I'm currently building a game on RPG Maker VX Ace, and I have downloaded/applied an Achievement API with the website GameJolt so that someone can win trophies/achievements as they play the game. How can I run a conditional branch allowing the player to log into GameJolt before the Main Menu...
  7. The Commander

    The Legend of Markiplier

    The Legend of Markiplier is a fangame for popular YouTuber "Markiplier" developed on the RPG Maker VX (RMVX) engine by "Sir Areis Lionheart", and is the first game to be officially developed beneath the Commander Games Studios banner (Warriors of Guardias was the first game developed...
  8. The Commander

    Character Transfers across Multiple Games

    Hi there, I'm back, experimenting with a new engine for one of my fusterclucks of game series I'm developing. This latest project is going to be huge...too big to fit on one game. So I have an unusual request, and one that I'm hoping is possible, but unsure, since I haven't quite seen it...
  9. The Commander

    How to Make a Player-named Character a Boss?

    I'm not sure if this is something that requires a script or if there's something else I can do that doesn't require scripting which is why I'm posting it here in the general support threads...but in my newest project, around the middle of the game, the player character, who can be custom named...
  10. The Commander

    Adding "Day" Variable to the Menu

    Hi there, my newest project has a day/night cycle using common events and switches, and I'd thought I'd ask if there's a way I can add a "Day" counter (storing the days in a variable that adds 1 day to the variable at the end of every cycle) to the main menu, like above the "Gold" box or...
  11. The Commander

    RPG Maker XP Assets for RPG Maker VX

    Hi, for one of my projects that I'm building on RPG Maker VX, I need two specific character sprites that are in the RMXP set. Does anyone know if its even remotely possible to get the following two spritesheets compatible for RMVX? * * Also, if possible, this would be a good one to get as well:
  12. The Commander

    Warriors of Guardias

    Warriors of Guardias is a game by "Sir Areis Lionheart" and built on the RPG Maker XP engine: "In a land ripped apart by the brutal conflict of two warring factions, a young hero rises to end the stalemate and finally bring the decades-old war between the Humans and the Asotroth and...
  13. The Commander

    Help on Creating a Switch Puzzle

    I hope this is in the correct forum...but I'm using RMXP, and one of my maps contains a switch puzzle. If not in the right forum, forgive me, cause sometimes these forums can be a little confusing to navigate. There are two switches that briefly open up a door on opposite sides of the room. How...
  14. The Commander


    DOWNLOAD HERE: Introduction: As my first project with RPG Maker VX and my second RPG Maker series project, MutaOni is a rather unique example of an RPG (I've only seen one other like it on the Internet). Not to...
  15. The Commander

    A couple of needed scripts...

    For one of my XP projects which is in the middle of a MASSIVE overhaul, I'm needing three scripts that Google has failed to help me find. Music Memory: So that going into encounters/battles doesn't restart the map's music over and over again) A Map Naming System: So that every time you enter a...

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