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  1. Hopelessdecoy

    Properties of items

    What are the function names of the item properties? I'm mainly wondering about the damage calculations box, parameters box and the item name. Is it in Game_item? If you could list them or point them out to me I'd appreciate it!
  2. Hopelessdecoy

    Plugin making education

    Are there any good sources for learning Java script specific to MV? Also where can I learn about default classes and functions for MV? I know C/C++ and wish to delve into js for MV any help is appreciated!
  3. Hopelessdecoy

    Stat math in States

    For example I want to make a bleeding state that based on your current hp reduces agility and attack/m.attack. is it possible to put a damage like calculation into a state allowing me to do this?
  4. Hopelessdecoy

    Does "no hidden classes" mean the engine itself is editable?

    What I mean is like can I add buttons to the eventing system? The database? Or is it like it was in VXA with only things like note tagging. I mostly program in C/C++ and I am unsure what this term means. I would definitely put time into JavaScript if it meant I could add things to the engine it...

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