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  1. eslabon

    RMMV Tales Of Nowhere - The Video Game [DEMO available]

    The game is in it's early stages, but I have enough for a trailer and a demo! TRAILER SYNOPSIS CHARACTERS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS I will post updates to this thread as I make (slow but steady) progress, so please keep an eye out! DEMO OUT NOW!! UPDATE - I've updated the...
  2. eslabon

    SS Ventus: Remake

    I began this game as an entry in the Learning Together Game Jam and finished it in about a week. I decided to improve, enhance, and expand it and I wanted to post what I have so far here. I’d like to release it commercially, but I want to make sure it’s a great game before I do that. Any...
  3. eslabon

    Game Jam - SS Ventus

    I found out about this event just last week but I couldn’t resist so I put a hold on my main project for this. It’s been a LOT of hard work, but I’m happy with the results. :)   Game information:   Story: Your home planet is at war and things are not going well. You’re an amazing...

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