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  1. Jathan

    MZ Multi-select function was changed.

    So I've recently carried over a project of mine into MZ and I began recreating some of the items, weapons, types, etc into the new engine and I realized the mult select function was either changed or removed. If anyone knows what it was changed to or if it was erased or something please let me...
  2. Jathan

    RMMV Second Accessory Slot

    Any chance anyone could make a plug-in to add a second accessory equipment slot?
  3. Jathan

    RMMV Save/Load Plug-in

    Is there anyone who'd be willing to produce a simple plug-in that changes the save option in the menu to a save/load option from which you can both save your game and load a game while playing? Along with the option to customize the layout of a save file to display certain details in certain...
  4. Jathan

    RMMV Technical Difficulties

    Hey everyone. I'm having slight troubles running some of my plug-ins that call for js symbols. It's become apparent that this is a pretty standard thing in menu related plug-ins so I figured I'd see if anyone could help me figure out where to find these symbols. Basically the gist is I've been...
  5. Jathan

    RMMZ Alt Death States for MZ

    So, I recently had a plug-in made for me on MV that I want converted for MZ. The problem is that the guy who made it doesn't have MZ and doesn't intend to buy it for years to come. So I got his permission to post this request as long as I credit him with it's creation and show the page it's on...
  6. Jathan

    Alt Death State

    I tried asking for this before on my last account but I don't think anyone really understood what I was asking back then so if you need any clarification feel free to ask. Basically what I need is a plug-in that allows me to create a second but also separate death or "K.O." state. The second...
  7. Jathan

    Master Journal Plug-in

    I realise this may take a while to create as it asks a lot so I just thought I should say that first. Basically I've looked everywhere and I can't quite find a plug-in that matches what I'm after. Essentially what I'm looking for is a journal plug-in that (obviously) creates a journal option...

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