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  1. Ameer

    My game made in Mv keeps crashing

    My game keeps randomly crashing and don't give a error message between scene transitions for example when I am entering a map or opening menu or getting out of random battles and my PC's openGl version is 3.0. It is an old PC with 8 gb ram and intel i5-2520. Whole project size is 620 Mb
  2. Ameer

    Why people think Rpg maker is limited

    I used Rpg maker 2003 and honestly it was quite limited but in Mv you can do whatever you want using Javascript then why people still think it's limited
  3. Ameer

    Yanfly action sequence not working with screen animation

    Yanfly action sequence is not working with screen animation. Same action sequence is working with center animation can someone tell me how to fix this. When I use screen animation the skill repeats itself twice once without action sequence and once with action sequence. I am using Rpg maker mv 1.5.1
  4. Ameer

    Srd battle hud refresh

    Is there a way to refresh Sumrndmdde BattleHuds (Plugin I am using is Srd_HudMaker) via script call because I am toggling switches in troop event and huds just aren't changing and I am also changing facesets and for refreshing those I am using this code...
  5. Ameer

    Guard not going away

    I am having really strange problem my guard state is not going away after one turn and it's not going away at all and it's default guard state I have modified it but now I just reset it to default and it still doesn't go away and plugins I have for states are Yanfly buffs and states Core and...
  6. Ameer

    Yanfly Item Upgrade Slots Problem

    I don't want Item to disappear after upgrade. Is there a way I can do that because in my game I use books to add states to my items and books just don't disappear after they are used
  7. Ameer

    Yanfly Skill learn system bug

    I am trying Yanfly Skill Learn System to get to work but it isn't working my plugin list is here and this is what it shows me tell if it want some other thing I don't have Job Point plugin because I don't like it I think it's most probably some little notetag or plugin command I don't know...
  8. Ameer

    Variable Skill Cost

    I am trying to make a skill requires PP more like Pokemon my game just have 20 skills so what I am doing is setting a variable for each skill so can someone help me with that to set custom requirement of variable in skill and show that variable but I know it can be done by Skill core but I don't...
  9. Ameer

    Old MogHunter Demo

    Hey I was wondering how can I get old version of Demo of MogHunter rpg maker demo I don't know if this is right place if it isn't move it to right forum I actually want to get old version settings of MogHunter Weather Ex
  10. Ameer

    Timer mechanic in battle

    My problem is that I am trying to make battle where if you don't defeat enemy in certain time . Then game is over but here is what problem I am encountering first of all timer aborts battle but I used Sumrndmdde timer upgrade for it and now my problem is with eventing I know what I did and it...
  11. Ameer

    Map name in Middle

    Is there a way to Place Map name in top middle of map because in top left i have some Huds made by Sumrndmdde hud maker and i tried to use MogHunter map display plugin but it is conflicting with Hud maker sometimes and crashes game
  12. Ameer

    Sumrndmdde's Hud Maker and Yanfly's Atb

    Hey i am using Yanfly Atb and Sumrndmdde's Hud Maker so i wan't to make some Gauges for Atb can someone tell me what script i should use in max value and in base value
  13. Ameer

    Removing option from item menu

    Hey I don't want armors in my game so is there a way I can remove armor option in items menu
  14. Ameer

    Getting actor id

    Hey basically i want a script to get actor id one but i tried many things but none of them worked but i want that script to work with Sumrndmdde's Hud maker for Actor face property
  15. Ameer

    How to check terrain tag RMMV

    is there a way to check terrain tag in Mv in conditional branch and note that i am using mv 1.5.1 because my project is in development since rpg maker mv 1.5.1 was released and it is not running in newer versions
  16. Ameer

    Game Publishing

    Hey i want to ask about Publishing i am creating a game and i am not even on Facebook and twitter . So i was thinking about a publisher are there any good publishers for my game being made in Rpg maker mv and it's really not using too much of default mechanics contains an in-depth battle System...
  17. Ameer

    Problem with Moghunters Atb

    I am using Moghunter's Atb (Active time battle)and i added Auto battle Flag on a Actor and he's not doing anything just standing and taking hits . I am also using Yanfly Battle engine Core. Mog_Atb -:
  18. Ameer

    18+ Rpg Maker Game

    Hey i am working on a game With Rpg Maker and this Game is For Adults and i would love to see what you people think about This Type of game and any Suggestion of Adult Game with Rpg maker will be Good for my Inspiration
  19. Ameer

    Smart Jump and picture Common Events

    Heh This is My First Post Here on Rpg Maker Community and I wanna Know if Picture Common Events Can Be Used with Smart Jump because i wan't to Make my game Both for PC And Android

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