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  1. Zarsla

    Victor Engine & Yanfly Battle Engine Compatibility Patch

    I want a compatibility patch between Victor Engine ATB and Victor Engine CTB with Yanfly's Battle Engine Core. All I want is a simple plug-n-play plugin that would be place below Yanfly and Victor plugins. It would make it where VE ATB works with YEP Battle Engine Core if both are installed and...
  2. Zarsla

    Change Title Font.

    I'm using this plugin by SRD. And I want my title to be a different font than the default one. I know about this plugin by Galv, but it's not compatible with SRD's plugin. Does anyone know of how can change the title's font, without using Galv's plugin?
  3. Zarsla

    Params As Currency Plugin

    Params as Currency Plugin v1.0 Produced by Zarsla. Developed by McKathlin. Requires YEP_ShopMenuCore & YEP_X_MoreCurrencies. Description: This plugin allows you to use the stats of the party or a particular Actor as currency when buying or selling an item. Supported parameters: HP, MP, TP...
  4. Zarsla

    Class Equip Scence

    I'm using Ellye's class change plugin where equips are use to change the class. I want a plugin that will create a "Class Equip" Scene. Basically under this scence you'll be able to change the equipment that's link up to your classes and only those ones. This scence will be completely sepreate...
  5. Zarsla

    Starting RPG Maker MV Videos

    Hey everyone, I'm starting two rpg maker video tutorial series. One is based on my game(s), that I'm making and the stuff featured in it. And the other I wish to be based on topics that you asked. I'm not good at scripting (so no how to make a plugin tutorials) but I know my way around...
  6. Zarsla

    Experience as Currency/Experience Shop

    The plugin I request is an experience as currency/experience shop.  With the experience as currency, experience will be used instead of gold as the way to buy items, armors and weapons. When you buy items the cost is divide among the party, eg if you have potion that cost 100 exp,   and your...
  7. Zarsla

    Simplfied Params, Sp-Params and X-Params Forumula Plugi

    Hi, I'm requesting a plugin that makes sp-params and x-params dependent on the 6/8 main params or on other sp-params or xparams. As well as Action speed and Critical Formulas. For example action spped is based on agility and HIT Rate is based on atk plus defense times 5. Or like how YEA let's...
  8. Zarsla

    Turn Switches on at Start up

    As the title says, this script allows you to set and configure up to then switches turn on, when you start a new game or load a game.  Download here In the Common Event has a switch: there's no event on the map  : to turn this on:
  9. Zarsla

    Zarsla's Simple Party Member Script

    This is a basic script that allows you to change the number of party members on screen, in menus and in the battle without change the default scripts. The terms of use are detailed in the script. There are no known bugs or compatibility issues. However I recommend staying clear of party member...
  10. Zarsla

    Instructions In Title Screen Menu Help.

    So I edit the base scripts found in RPG Maker VX Ace as shown in the spoiler below. What I need help with is the instructions part. (The options part works fine.) What I want to do is when the person picks the instructions is run a common event that's the instructions of my game. Oh and...
  11. Zarsla

    Is there any differences between VX and VX Ace sprites?

    Just as the titles says, is there any differences between VX and VX Ace sprites? And if so what are they?
  12. Zarsla

    Actor Dependent Events

    I'm not sure if someone made a tutorial of this yet but I like to share. So Actor Dependent Events are events that react differently depending on which actor interacts with it. Below is a video tutorial and demo made from said video. (Hopefully this helps game devs make better games and have...

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