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  1. kirbwarrior

    What are you glad to see show up often in RPG Maker games?

    In spirit of a similar thread that focuses on the negatives, what are things that seem to be common in your experience of RPG Maker games that you are glad is common?
  2. kirbwarrior

    I'm not sure how to probability

    Awhile back, a fellow rpg maker sent me his game for beta testing and bug finding. On my third play through I noticed a key skill of the MC could repeat even if all enemies were dead. It took us a couple of days to realize that the common event was calling itself twice. The skill as intended...
  3. kirbwarrior

    "Don't go here yet." or Extremely Blatant Roadblocks

    While playing Octopath Traveler, I quickly noticed these signs that just appear in the pathway and cause the PC to think "I shouldn't go this way right now" (or something to that effect). Before playing the game, I had thought that would be bad design, but I actually just laughed at it and...
  4. kirbwarrior

    Design Philosophy & Favorite Games

    I wasn't quite sure which forum to put this on, but it's about Video Games that already exist and there's a forum called that :L What is your #1 favorite video game? What do you think is the best design principle about it? What do you think is the worst? How does this affect your own game...
  5. kirbwarrior

    Fast Travel Musings

    A recent status post by @BloodletterQ seemed worth being a full discussion, but status isn't a great place for that. So, What do you think of Fast Travel as a mechanic in games and (namely) rpgs? Note, I do want to break it down into separate categories; Meta - The mechanic has no in universe...
  6. kirbwarrior

    Images on these boards

    I just tried to help someone in the rm2k section using an image. I wasn't sure where to upload it, so I chose imgur at random, then used the image button for inserting it into the page. However, it doesn't seem to have worked properly (it says ). Have I done something wrong? Or am I doing this...
  7. kirbwarrior

    Message Box Is Too Small

    This has been an issue since day one of rmxp being out, but I just realized that someone here may have found a fix. In RMXP, the message box in the editor is too small to write full messages in. It only has three lines, and barely enough room for text codes. Does anyone know why this happens and...
  8. kirbwarrior

    [MV] Actor2_2 Bust/Body

    Resource Type: Bust/Body Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: I could have sworn this already existed, but I am looking for a bust for Actor2_2 in the RTP (woman with purple armor). Is there already a place that has busts for the RTP actors? If not, I would like a picture of her...
  9. kirbwarrior

    Battler Blur

    In the picture, the dragon looks nice and crisp, but the orc and spirit are slightly blurred. I've noticed this happens with some enemies, and kind of just at random if one will blur or not. Does anyone know what causes this and how to fix it? Thank you ahead of time.
  10. kirbwarrior

    Full Screen without changing size

    I've noticed in some games I've played made with MV that going full screen does not stretch the screen out, but instead just puts black around the game. It looks like this might be a side effect of playing the game in the browser, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know what causes this? Does it...
  11. kirbwarrior

    YEP.94 Selection Control (dead & alive) I've messed around with this plugin, but I can't seem to get one thing to work; Hitting alive and/or dead members with a skill. For instance, I have a healing skill that also removes death on the target, making it so it'll heal anyone no...
  12. kirbwarrior

    YEP.107 Element Core (Changing Absorb) I've been looking into how to absorb an element, but I've yet to find one that does what I want. Yanfly's is very good, but it reduces the amount by 200% instead of multiplying it by -1. I actually like it in games where you can...
  13. kirbwarrior

    Why are sewer levels disliked?

    I've been seeing this a lot, especially in Let's Plays, that it's both a trope and disliked. Related is water temples. However, I don't understand it. I've yet to play a game where the level being a sewer level somehow made the level worse (as opposed to levels that are bad that happen to be...
  14. kirbwarrior

    Pacifistic Protagonist

    I've roleplayed a character a few times in the past that I've very much enjoyed and am now thinking about making a game based around. I happen to like traditional rpgs and I thought I'd shoot for making one (probably simplest idea considering the maker ;)). But I've run into two problems (one of...
  15. kirbwarrior

    Silent Antagonist?

    I happen to like silent protagonists in some games; it's done well in Dragon Quest, and played out greatly in Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG. It can give a character personality that a speaking protagonist might not be able to get across or show. However, I've never heard of it applying to...
  16. kirbwarrior

    Yanfly's Battle Engine Core I'm using this plugin with front view actors. I wanted static actors (similar to rmxp) and I realized I can easily do it by just replacing each action with the same image (not nearly as annoying as I thought it could be). But, the actors...
  17. kirbwarrior

    Yanfly's Special Param Formula - MCR

    I'm making this thread to go into the correct spot on these boards, breaking off from another one. I was trying to increase all skill costs by a flat amount. (base + plus) * rate + flat I added <MCR Flat: +300> to the note tag in a skill. I expected it to increase the cost by 300 mp but it...
  18. kirbwarrior

    Flat MCR instead of percentile

    (I'm assuming this is the right board...) Right now MCR modifies all skill costs by a percentile amount. 50% MCR makes all skills cost 50%. 0% and they become free (woo!). But I was wondering if there was a way to make it so instead your skills cost less by a flat amount; Making skills cost 20...
  19. kirbwarrior

    Secondary Point Currency Balance (JP)

    I've been working on learning the in and outs of leveling in an rpg and I think I've wrapped my mind around how to balance exp; my current makes it so exp gain is based on a strict value of stats of the enemy (the average), and level ups are based the same on your stats. It ends up making it so...
  20. kirbwarrior

    Choices during a conversation

    I didn't want to takeover this thread (, so I'm asking in a new thread. In Final Fantasy X-2, there is a character named Maechen who drones on and on. While he is talking, choices pop up that let you end...

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