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  1. kaiijuu

    December Goals and Progress Thread

    I'm working two jobs and trying to focus on building a portfolio so all I've worked on is character busts/redoing sprites. I figure I should focus on my art/maps and such for my failed IGMC submission and make it super nice and THEN go back into scripting/eventing it all out :3
  2. kaiijuu

    IGMC and November Goals and Progress Thread

    Bleh. I've had nonstop headaches since I started this on Nov 14th. With three hours left, I'm calling it quits. I have way too much to do and I can't put out something I'm not 100% proud of. I'll probably still finish it up and maybe release a full game next year. Looking forward to playing and...
  3. kaiijuu

    December Goals and Progress Thread

    My goal is to probably fully finish or add more to my IGMC game because I have this VERY EERIE feeling I'm not gonna finish in time. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I'm not happy with it rn and really don't have time to fix the issues. But, regardless. Definitely want to work on my sprites +...
  4. kaiijuu

    LOL I was like WOAH Godspeed, my man.

    LOL I was like WOAH Godspeed, my man.
  5. kaiijuu

    RMMV Odyssey - Action Adventure Zelda-esque RPG

    This looks like it's going to be very fun! It's definitely different for sure.
  6. kaiijuu

    WOAH talk about the final countdown. TWO MORE DAYS.

    WOAH talk about the final countdown. TWO MORE DAYS.
  7. kaiijuu

    Make a picture clickable

    wow, so I definitely saw this plugin but wasn't sure if it would work because of how it was used in the video, but you're absolutely right? Gosh, thank you so much :kaojoy:
  8. kaiijuu

    Make a picture clickable

    I'm not sure if this can be done...I've seen people do it for world maps, but this would be more like an item that can be brought onto the screen and the player can "click" on certain parts of it and it expands/shows text? I might be asking for too much tbh?? For an example: Player pulls out...
  9. kaiijuu

    IGMC and November Goals and Progress Thread

    Is anyone else wondering if they'll be able to get done by the deadline? :kaocry:I started this contest Nov 14th (so what, 2 weeks in?) and am working by myself and even if I don't wind up finishing, I'm still SUPER proud of what I've accomplished on my own. Maybe next year, I'll look into...
  10. kaiijuu

    Large sprites for events?

    I can probably take a screenshot, it's the default 3x4 cells they're just really big? I have the $ in the name. I have it set up correctly because I am using the player character with the $ and his sprite is fine. It's just everyone else in the game, when selecting them to put on the maps...
  11. kaiijuu

    Large sprites for events?

    Hey! So I couldn't find an exact answer to this question...but I am using custom sprites for my game, and they're BIG. at least like, much bigger than the defaults? So, when I'm setting my NPCs around, I can't select the full graphic, which makes only a part of the sprite/character show when...
  12. kaiijuu

    Player Notepad (In-Game Text Editor for the Player)

    I'm so sorry haha, I should have checked first! thank you so so much for the prompt response!!! <3
  13. kaiijuu

    Player Notepad (In-Game Text Editor for the Player)

    Hey, is it possible to already have notes in the notebook? For the player? And then add them automatically when they acquire more knowledge?
  14. kaiijuu

    Parallax Maps & Grid Locations/Event Transfers

    I followed a tutorial that used both? They had a ground set onto the actual map for parallax, and then had the overlay notetags in there as well.
  15. kaiijuu

    Parallax Maps & Grid Locations/Event Transfers

    Good evening! So, I recently put my parallax map into RPG Maker MV..and I used Yan's Region Restrictions to make sure the player can't go over tiles they don't need to. I set my transfer event for a certain grid location, but when you hit it, the character actually gets stuck in the building...
  16. kaiijuu

    Galv's Visibility Range

    I hope this doesn't count for necro-ing...but I'm having a LOT of problems with this? I took the coding directly from the demo and changed my control variables to ones I set and it still isn't working? when I copy-pasta'd the fairy girl into my game (to test) it works, so it's definitely not...
  17. kaiijuu

    [FROG] Health - Additional Custom HP, Hunger, Thirst and more!

    I love this! I wanted to make a weather - condition system similar to Breath of the Wild's, and this would definitely help. ILY <3 THANK YOU.
  18. kaiijuu

    Orange Overlay

    I reallllyy don't think Orange/Hudell visits/updates his plugins since he no longer is technically supporting them? >.>
  19. kaiijuu

    IGMC and November Goals and Progress Thread

    I'm actually very excited to play your game! Rarely do you see this kind of theme? So yes! And I totally agree with wanting to polish things after like, the game jam is over? Good luck with that <3
  20. kaiijuu

    IGMC and November Goals and Progress Thread

    I love your style so much TT__TT

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