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  1. TheRiotInside

    Can't View Topics In RMXP Support Section

    This is kind of a weird issue I'm having. When I go into the RPG Maker XP section of the Support boards, I can't view the topics within. Here is what I see: The weird part is that those three pinned topics show up, but none of the other 200+ topics users have posted (the RMXP Tutorials...
  2. TheRiotInside

    Oh, Hey.

    I guess since I've been on and off of here for two years, I should probably introduce myself. So here's a brief crash course on this guy. Back in 2004 I found Don Miguel's translated version of RPG Maker 2000. I toyed around with it for a while in amazement, starting my strange first game...
  3. TheRiotInside

    Poison Damage Using Skills

    Hey, folks. Got a little script request for good old RMXP. I'm using a DoT/HoT script currently where you can set a static number or % for HP/MP damage or healing, which is worlds better than the default poison state, but still limited. I want DoT skills that scale with my characters, and don't...
  4. TheRiotInside

    Stat Redundancy and Stat Re-purposing Ideas

    EDIT: Updated information in the following posts, take the time to read through it all if you like. Hopefully you will find it to be things like engaging and thought-provoking and potentially awe-inspiring. Hey, all. My goal for this thread is to be part discussion, and part feedback. Let's see...
  5. TheRiotInside

    More RMXP Script Tweaks

    Hey all, it's me back again with some more little things that RMXP does that irk me. Two things this time! 1. Skills used repeatedly in battle. What it does: It seems that when you use a skill in battle, it shows the skill name at the top of the screen just fine, but if that skill is cast...
  6. TheRiotInside

    Storing/Recalling Map Conditions

    It's been entire WEEKS since I've requested scripting help for good old outdated RMXP; a situation that I will rectify immediately! So here's the scoop. I've been wanting to add a skill tree system into my game, very much akin to Borderlands (detailed below for those unfamiliar). I haven't...
  7. TheRiotInside

    Always Having a Weapon Equipped

    Hey guys, me again. Back with yet another hopefully simple script request! Thanks to all those who have helped me out so far with other things; hopefully this isn't much trouble to get sorted out. In a nutshell, I want it to be so that players cannot unequip a weapon. Let me explain. I want you...
  8. TheRiotInside

    Small DBS Edits

    Hello, everyone! I have a couple of very small edits to RMXP's default battle system that I'd like to do, but am nowhere near able to do them myself. I have nothing to offer but the satisfaction of helping others, as well as a mention in a game that may never be released! Very tempting, I know...
  9. TheRiotInside

    [XP] Help With a Tiny Script Edit

    Hey there, thanks up front for reading and also possibly helping! I'll try and keep this to the point. I am not a scripter, nor do I claim to know what I'm doing. I have stumbled my way through making a few little edits to Game_Battler 3 in order to change how damage is calculated for normal...

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