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  1. kaiijuu

    Make a picture clickable

    I'm not sure if this can be done...I've seen people do it for world maps, but this would be more like an item that can be brought onto the screen and the player can "click" on certain parts of it and it expands/shows text? I might be asking for too much tbh?? For an example: Player pulls out...
  2. kaiijuu

    Large sprites for events?

    Hey! So I couldn't find an exact answer to this question...but I am using custom sprites for my game, and they're BIG. at least like, much bigger than the defaults? So, when I'm setting my NPCs around, I can't select the full graphic, which makes only a part of the sprite/character show when...
  3. kaiijuu

    Parallax Maps & Grid Locations/Event Transfers

    Good evening! So, I recently put my parallax map into RPG Maker MV..and I used Yan's Region Restrictions to make sure the player can't go over tiles they don't need to. I set my transfer event for a certain grid location, but when you hit it, the character actually gets stuck in the building...
  4. kaiijuu

    Having multiple battle systems / playing multiple characters?

    Hey! So I'm trying to figure out if this is a thing I can actually do. I do know there's a plugin, I think, where you can play as another character, but can you add more than one battle system into a game? I'd like to have the two characters using different battle systems, but I'm unsure if...
  5. kaiijuu

    Costume Changes in battles

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is something that can be done, but I would like to do a costume type system, where, you have different equipment that changes the character's appearance in battle and on world sprites, (like, the put on the sailor outfit and now in battle are wearing the sailor...
  6. kaiijuu

    Custom SV Sprite Enemy Sheets

    Hey everyone! I've just got a question that I didn't see answered necessarily by searching. I would like to implement some custom enemies for SV battles, but I have a question. Do they have to follow the convention of the template posted? Or could it just be idle/attack/hurt/dead? Thank...
  7. kaiijuu

    Mog's LMBS system!

    Hey, so I did a search before making this post...but has anyone successfully used Moghunter's LMBS battle system for their game? I play a lot of RPG games, and I've always been more drawn to ABS/Real time battle systems than turn based (because imo it can get a little stale/repetitive after a...
  8. kaiijuu

    Party Camp/Place where you can interact with the party

    Good evening game makers! I am trying to set up a location in my game, where, when you have excess party members, that's where they go to hang out/ you can go and talk to them there after certain events / get stuff from them, etc (idk, think like Dragon Age or Mass Effect). I know Hime has a...
  9. kaiijuu

    Paths/Branches for Story Plot question!

    Hello, I am currently in the process of creating my second(!!!) RPG maker mv game. The first one was just a quick little test of what to do, so now I'm trying to figure out some game elements I'd like to implement into this second game. One thing I've really wanted to do is the mechanics for...
  10. kaiijuu

    Cannot read partyAbility??

    Hello, So I practically finished my game, then went to test it and now I'm receiving these odd errors. I thought maybe it had something to do with Hime's Party Manager plug in (but I disabled/deleted it since I don't need it) and I also turned off the SRDSupertools but I'm still receiving...
  11. kaiijuu

    Cutscene is not playing properly.

    Hello! I am having trouble with an event. I've been banging my head against the wall for like hours now, and I've tried changing everything and it just is not working... Basically, the party enters the market, and upon leaving, the cutscene plays. But, then you aren't able to exit the town...
  12. kaiijuu

    Event/ Cutscene Help!

    Good morning lovely RPGmaker web folks! I've been reading / watching a lot of tutorials but I'm having trouble understanding how to do this/ if this is something I can do. I have the opening scene, where the player in her house, then walks out of the house to her friend, and then they talk...

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