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  1. Solovei

    Choosing a game title

    So I'm really bad at titles. Whenever I'm writing fanfic, it usually takes me at least half an hour after I'm done to come up with a good title, and even then it's usually some song title or lyric that I happened to be listening to and which (sort of) fits. I think games have an even stronger...
  2. Solovei

    Animated backgrounds in RMMV

    Hey all! I've been looking at purchasing the Japan Backgrounds Collection by GuttyKreum, the art is GORGEOUS and totally fits the vibe of my game. I know it comes with cropped versions to use as battlebacks, but I was wondering - would it be possible to use the animated images as...
  3. Solovei

    "Magic and SF Pack" - Licensing question

    Hi! I hope this is the right forum for this kind of question (and sorry if it was already covered elsewhere!) Last night I was doing some tileset edits, using tiles from the "Magic and SF Pack" that was included with the installation of MV that I got on Steam. The Readme file in the folder...
  4. Solovei

    Bigger Note box?

    Hi all :) I was watching a Yanfly Tips & Tricks video about how to set up a certain kind of state and I noticed that the Note box shown in it was like, REALLY BIG! Big enough so you can see what you're doing!!! Does anyone know how to accomplish this? I'm not sure if it's a plugin or a mod or...
  5. Solovei

    RMMV SRD Busts and Icons Menu - changing amount of info

    I'm hoping someone can help me with customizing a very specific thing on the Main Menu. I am using SRD's "Busts and Icons" style menu. The screen resolution I've got for my project is 1104 x 624. (Please ignore the actual bust images I have right now, they're just placeholders) What I'm hoping...
  6. Solovei

    Eventing help: Give player random amt. of gold every X steps?

    Hi all! Because I'm not planning to have any random encounters in my game (there will be some combat, but it happens at specific times/points in the story), I wanted to instead give the player small, random amounts of gold as they walk around. I feel like this is going to involve loops and...
  7. Solovei

    Implementing Skill

    I'd like some help with implementing a skill - when used, it would allow the character to completely negate the effects of the next attack that targets them. However, I would like it to only be usable once per encounter. My thinking was that the skill would add a State to that character, but...
  8. Solovei

    Help with MV character generator edits

    Okay, here's what happened. after spending a couple of hours trying to frankenstein together different front hair bits from the generator, I finally had something I was happy with (I've attached it to this thread as the first image) until I shoved it back into the RMMV Extended Generator to try...
  9. Solovei


    ... So I got caught up in looking at ALL THE THREADS (especially the plugins and resources...) that I forgot to actually introduce myself. Sorry about that! Hi, I'm Solo, and when I have too much free time (i.e. now) I start entirely too many projects -- about a month ago I was helping someone...
  10. Solovei

    Tool to take a folder of images and convert to an iconset

    I got some icons from that I would like to add to my game. I can manually edit the IconSet.png file in photoshop to add them in, but this seems like it will take quite a while, pasting them in one by one, especially if there are a lot... Does anyone know if there is a tool or a script...
  11. Solovei

    RMMV (MV) Shoplifting plug-in, VX Ace Port?

    Hi there! I hope this is in the right section... I came across this Shoplifting script on the GrimoireCastle website and thought it would be perfect for the game I'm starting to work on. But, before I got too far into it, MV went on sale and I decided to get that instead (I was using VX Ace...

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