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  1. PhilsArt

    Large actors for 2 or more slots in team

    Hey RPG Maker community, searched for ages for a plugin that allows you to define an actor who take up 2 or more slots in the party. For example the default party size is set to be 4 = 4 actors will be in your team, but what if one actor, large in size, will take 2 slots in the team, which...
  2. PhilsArt

    RMMV Humans VS. Nephilim - Minigame

    Humans VS. Nephilim is a short adventure game made with RPG Maker MV and the Chrono Engine created by Moghunter. It seems that the human race will lose the war against the Nephilim, an evil crossbreed between humans and demons, nearly the whole army of the noble human king were decimated. Find...

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