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  1. RyokuHasu

    A question about requested art with copyrights

    Can we request copyrighted character art from others if we have acquired the rights to the character in question? And will I need to provide proof of rights to use the character? I'm not good with pixel art myself but I have been commissioned to make a work with copyrighted characters by the...
  2. RyokuHasu

    Nighty9Lives massive album giveaway!

    Ssundee of the Nighty9Lives label announced that they are giving away their first album WITH LICESCE to anyone who is currently subscribed or subscribes before this Friday. Subscribe: And Claim the Album! Disclaimer** The license only is...
  3. RyokuHasu

    How will save files for web based games work?

    Will it be a cookie, or other local file, or saved to the site? Just wondering. -Edit- Also i noticed an absurd amount of scripts included on the example's page source, is that required for the game or was that just to make the page pretty and well polished?
  4. RyokuHasu

    I'm back, I've been away a while

    It's been over a year since I was here helping trouble shoot VX Ace stuff, now I'm back for the release of MV! Not sure if anyone remembers me, I was here only a short time before. So hi everyone, happy to be back!~
  5. RyokuHasu

    League of Legends WORLDS 2015

    Sooo, who else is enjoying the LoL worlds this year? C9 is doing epic this year, like they finally might make it out of groups! Also, damn RPG maker... putting out the preorder during worlds skins sales. lol But MV trumps SSW skins XD
  6. RyokuHasu

    Sharing Resources

    So is it ok a team of people working on a game in RPG Maker use the same graphics packs even if some of them don't own them? And I mean only if someone on the team does owns them and are contributing a large amount to the game development. An example being I own the pre-order graphics so If I...
  7. RyokuHasu

    What is the" Early Adopter" Title?

    So is the Early Adopter title for people who bought the RPG maker VX Ace when it first came out? Cause If that's the case I can show my receipt for my purchase for it from way back, just tell me who to show it to.
  8. RyokuHasu

    Is it possible to reclaim the Preorder Exclusive Bonus?

    I ordered my original RPG maker VX Ace back when it first came out, and I had recieved the preorder exclusive resource pack with it. Just recently I tried collecting it trough my email again, but the link is broken. Is there anyway other way to reclaim the pack?
  9. RyokuHasu

    How to use switches to progress the story of your game.

    Switches are the most basic form of controlling the progression of a game however I see a lot of people who use bad switch practices and or just plainly don't know how to use them. So In this tutorial I will go over several Types of Switch based progression systems. Hopefully this guide can give...
  10. RyokuHasu

    Alcohol and Alcoholism Refrences

    I'm making a Visual Novel and one of the main places you visit every day is a Pub. The main character often has a drink or two there. It's also the place where you meet your love interest that Loves Alcohol a bit too much. There is no Visual reference to this as the entire game is backdrops and...
  11. RyokuHasu

    Adding decision choices based on variables

    So I'm making a Visual Novel for the contest and each day you you to win affection points with the different girls, at the end I want to give the player a choice between which ending they want to see but only give them the choices for the girls who have a high affection score. How would I go...
  12. RyokuHasu

    How to make a Custom Battle Scene with Forced Inputs

    This will ONLY work with the DEFAULT battle system. In this Tutorial I will show you how I made a "Tutorial" battle where the player could only use the commands he was told to use. This is a a general guild and you may have to change it to fit your own needs however all the information oh how...
  13. RyokuHasu

    Compressing the game without unused images

    In my game I'm working I use a few of the default music but I don't use any of the default graphics, is it possible to compress it without the unused stock resources and still be playable standalone?
  14. RyokuHasu

    An array of chat rooms

    There are over 1000 users and guests at any given time would you consider for more short-term and interactive conversations getting a few dedicated chat rooms for different general topics? Many forums have a single shout box, however that might be to crazy with 1K+ people, so why not have chat...
  15. RyokuHasu

    Battle Tutorial: Block out options other than the tutorial prompts

    So, I started making a game and pretty early on it has a "battle tutorial" and it prompts the Player to do specific actions. Is there a way to block out actions other than the last prompt given? I have attached the prompts, 2 of them are skill types, one is basic attack, and 1 is items.
  16. RyokuHasu

    Please Clear out the Vulgar entries

    A certain individual made quite a few entries here that had nothing to do with the contest, and were just to be disruptive. I would like to formally request they be removed soon. I would recommend implementing a word filter on entries to block such distasteful spam.

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