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  1. Karberus

    Time flies like an arrow....

    Time flies like an arrow....
  2. Karberus

    Speed Manager

    @Fisherolol - If I'm not wrong, decimals should work properly. I actually have equipment notetags planned, I just need to figure out how to access notetags and make it work. I'll try my best to add that feature when I figure it out. :)
  3. Karberus

    Speed Manager

    Speed Manager by Karberus   Versions: Current Version: 1.1 Introduction: This plugin allows you to easily change the default movement speeds in your game.  Features: Change default movement speed of walk, dash and vehicles. Option to have Movement speed affected by Party Leader’s AGI...
  4. Karberus

    Map Save Access

    Map Save Access by Karberus   Versions: Current Version: 1.02 Introduction: This plugin allows you to specify which maps will have save access disabled by default. Features: Maps you specify will always have Save disabled when the player enters. Maps that are not specified will always have...
  5. Karberus

    Random Battle BGM

    @Myst Desdemona - When I tried out Yanfly's Party System, that's the first thing I noticed and I was like "Noooooooooo" but I think I finally fixed it. I will update this asap. EDIT: updated. Thank you so much for your feedback :)
  6. Karberus

    Gonna take a small break, and work on my project o.o

    Gonna take a small break, and work on my project o.o
  7. Karberus

    Simple Follower Control

    Update 1.1 Added show balloon icon functionality for your followers!
  8. Karberus

    I think you and me both. I wonder if there's a cure

    I think you and me both. I wonder if there's a cure
  9. Karberus

    My hp is starting to get low. Dang

    My hp is starting to get low. Dang
  10. Karberus

    Simple Follower Control

    I'm not sure if this is the case for you; but the only way I can reproduce this error is if I set "MoveFollower 1", move my follower. And after that, without setting "MoveFollower 0", I try to move an event.  Remember when you are done moving your follower, set "MoveFollower 0" to be able to...
  11. Karberus

    Custom Battle Status Window

    I made a plugin that could be what you are looking for, check it out and see if it works for you ^^ BattleWindowsCustomization
  12. Karberus

    Battle Windows Customization

    Ahhh I see, I wonder if there is any way to fix that... Anyways, I'm glad you like the plugin :)
  13. Karberus

    Simple Follower Control

    No problem :D   Actually, I have been trying to figure out how to do that, I really want to add that option. I'm just a beginner at this, but if I learn how to do it I'll definitely add it! :)
  14. Karberus

    Simple Follower Control

    Notice how you said on "this" site. I know that. But I guess the rule extends to my site as well? Now I didn't know that, since I haven't read that anywhere. Anyways, I guess I'll change the links. Like I said, no big deal.
  15. Karberus

    Simple Follower Control

    I've never had any problem with it when others have used it. But, if you really can't spend 5 seconds, PM me and I'll give you a link. No big deal. As of now it doesn't. But I'll look into it and see if I can figure out how to add that option. :)
  16. Karberus

    Simple Follower Control

    LOL well I'm glad you find it useful xD
  17. Karberus

    Battle Windows Customization

    Battle Windows Customization  by Karberus   Versions: Current Version: 1.0 Introduction: This plugin will allow you to customize nearly everything about the battle windows however you like. Features: Set X and Y position of each window. Set Width and Height of each window. Set Opacity of...
  18. Karberus

    Galv's Message Busts

    Nice! Thank you for this. I also was "coding" a message bust plugin. But of course, I have little idea of what I was doing so I'm glad someone did it xD Still, I'll look over your code and see if I can learn a few things. Thanks again! :D
  19. Karberus

    Simple Follower Control

    Woops! I'm so sorry, I'm still half asleep xD It should be fixed now.
  20. Karberus

    Simple Follower Control

    Simple Follower Control by Karberus   Versions: Current Version: 1.1   Introduction: This simple plugin will allow you some control over your followers.   Features:Set whether events collide with your followers. (Perfect for On Map Encounters) Move your followers through the Set Movement Route...

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