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  1. RyokuHasu

    A question about requested art with copyrights

    Ah well then thanks for clarifying, it's a Trademarked character, and I will have the rights to use them for producing a game specifically for the owner of the character. I will get the proper documentation from them for use of the trademarked character. Thanks. Also that's why I'm being vague...
  2. RyokuHasu

    A question about requested art with copyrights

    Can we request copyrighted character art from others if we have acquired the rights to the character in question? And will I need to provide proof of rights to use the character? I'm not good with pixel art myself but I have been commissioned to make a work with copyrighted characters by the...
  3. RyokuHasu

    Custom music problems

    Again, if you have larger files they will take longer to load. We still haven't heard from OP on size of his files.
  4. RyokuHasu

    Lag on Laptop Battery Usage

    You would would need to manage the power settings on your computer. Right click your battery icon you should find what you are looking for.
  5. RyokuHasu

    An issue with events, trying to set a switch or variable based on where an event currently is.

    I made this example for a different support question but it applies here as well, it's an example of how to get and how to compare an Event's location using variables to get the X and Y of the event What this exact example does is gets th X and Y coordinates of the event and determins if the...
  6. RyokuHasu

    Movement of NPC's

    It wasn't to show you about them acting like in a cutscene, it was to show you that they are not autonomous and they need to be per-map like Shaz was saying. it's all a matter of variables and switches for when and where you want your NPCs to show up.  In one of my Demos I have you friend wake...
  7. RyokuHasu

    Could I please get a few people to test this issue?

    I can confirm it happens on my Windows 8 in the same chrome browser. I have a Windows 7 computer too that I can test it on if you want.
  8. RyokuHasu

    is it possible to not have an attack command on an actor.

    Go to the actor you want, add a trait, go to the Skills tab, seal skill: Attack This can be done through the actor, class, a specific equip, or even a state. If you want them not to move at all, put a permanent state on them with the restriction that they can't move.
  9. RyokuHasu

    Missing Cover Art Characters Music

    You are supposed to select their post as best answer, not your own. lol
  10. RyokuHasu

    Custom music problems

    How large are you soundtracks? if they are huge that can cause a delay in their loading time.
  11. RyokuHasu

    Call Map Event

    if it's just an event on the map generally you just need to control variables or switches to get them to run. What is the purpose of the event? I don't see a need to call using a script command except in rare circumstances.
  12. RyokuHasu

    Skill which deals damage to enemy and buffs user

    I have made this in VX Ace and have tested it in MV too. What you need to do is make a damaging skill, then in the effects of the skill call a common event. That common event forces action for the user of the damaging skill to use a buffing skill aswell. I have done several multi-part skills...
  13. RyokuHasu

    Movement of NPC's

    I would recommend reading this: Event's Aren't NPCs
  14. RyokuHasu


    did you stop the event from running after it completed it's task? or is it constantly running with a low wait time? I've noticed that parallel processes can cause lag of even game to freeze in just about any RPG maker if you have it loop over and over with little or no wait between loops.
  15. RyokuHasu

    Is there an easy way to resize animations?

    "easy" but tedious way to do it is to scale all the animations down in the animation editor.
  16. RyokuHasu

    Make a player cross a river using events

    if you only want the one log passable copy the log tiles to a new tile sheet and add it to the tileset, then separately change it's passable flag so it's diffrent from the default logs
  17. RyokuHasu

    Can I make Animations larger than 192x192??

    Yes and No.    You can use a plugin to change the image size limit for the animations, but the plugin will not change the max size that the editor can use.   you will need to manually edit your animations jason file, or use a special editor outside of RPG maker MV to edit the animation file...
  18. RyokuHasu

    Customizing event movement by map region

    a Simple option would be get the X and Y of the event and compare it to set a max X, max Y, minimum X, and Minimum Y and if the event steps on those boundaries it automatically turns around back into it's area. It's a bit intensive if you use this for a lot of events but it's a somewhat simple...
  19. RyokuHasu

    please help me with the switch

    In addition to what Andar said I gather that you might be turning on certain switches too early. All of your activation of switches is done at the top of your event page, it might be better if you activate new switches at the bottom of your pages instead so everything on the page runs before new...
  20. RyokuHasu

    Mistake in MV Manual

    I wasn't saying that it looks that way because of your settings I was saying it might look that way from stuff being copied from files on computers with different localization, the Engine was developed in Japan after all.

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