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  1. ZoeZero

    RMMV How can I check if an AutoRun Event is running? [for ALOE_VirtualButtons]

    Hi. I'd like to hide ALOE_VirtualButtons when an event is running (examples: I talk to an npc and it walks or does any other non-message action /// I have an autorun event with the player walking, etc.). I can make it hide during messages with the plugin's own parameter, but I can't make it...
  2. ZoeZero

    How to increase an actor's healing ability?

    I've searched in the forums, but couldn't find any thread about it. I'd like to improve an actor's healing skills' effectiveness (not only on itself, but also on others) without affecting its damage or any other stats and without having to rely on states. Is that possible?
  3. ZoeZero

    Steam Leaderboards? [MV]

    Is there a way to add Steam Leaderboards scores to a game? I couldn't find this option in any Orange Greenworks tutorial.
  4. ZoeZero

    Assign MP Regen Rate to a variable?

    Is there a way to assign MP Regen Rate to a variable? I need that to designate how much mp will be saved depending on the current MP regen rate the player has (it can vary according to the equipments the player is using). I couldn't find the option in MV's database.
  5. ZoeZero

    Translatable Quest Journal

    I use SRD_TranslationEngine and would like to know if there is a quest journal plugin that can be easily translated with it (or another way). YEP_QuestJournal is great, but I couldn't find a way to translate most of the text within it.
  6. ZoeZero

    How to check if YEP Autosave is enabled / disabled?

    I have a moment in my game where I need to force an autosave, but it won't work if the player has disabled it in the menu. So I'd like to have a condition check whether it's on or off, then force an autosave and disable it again in case it was off before. It'd be similar to this: The plugin...
  7. ZoeZero

    Mirroring sideview battlers, left-side actors

    I've searched through many threads, but couldn't find one in which op said it worked. I've tried changing settings on YEP's Core engine, BattleEngine Core, Animated SV Battlers and rpg_managers.js. None of them flipped the actors. I also tried to simply mirror the sprites, as suggested in...
  8. ZoeZero

    Adding common event option to YEP's Options Core

    How can I add a common event option to YEP's OptionsCore plugin? I've watched all the related videos and seen many forums (steams, rpg maker web), but couldn't find a tutorial to it. Is there a way to do it? What code should I use? I'd like to add the SRD's Translation Engine option to it, and I...
  9. ZoeZero

    Versus/Battle mode?

    I've been trying to make my own battle mode with events only, but besides having a bad visual in battle, I've found some problems when playtesting. I add player 2 as an enemy, and use the battle events to let the player choose their skills. Unfortunately, they don't have the same beautiful menu...
  10. ZoeZero

    Help! Gamepad not working at all

    So, I had playtested the game with the Xbox One, Xbox 360 gamepads and Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. After some time, I just realized it worked well and I could keep using the keyboard, since it's more comfortable for me. Then, recently, I've tried to use the Xbox One gamepad, but it simply didn't...
  11. ZoeZero

    Orange Greenworks - Steam doesn't say I'm playing a game

    I have followed this tutorial and at the end it says "Everything should be ready now. Run the nw file and your steam status should indicate that you’re running your game. If it is, then everything is working.", but it didn't for me. I'm using nw.js 0.42.0 SDK, and I'm pretty sure I did...
  12. ZoeZero

    Wheelchair sideview battler? [MV]

    I've been able to find a wheelchair character for map movement, but haven't seen anywhere a wheelchair battler sprite. Does anyone have one? Has any wheelchair battler ever been made? I really need one for my project :(

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