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  1. RockEsper

    Periods at the end of skill/item descriptions?

    Ehhh... that's true, some of my descriptions have multiple sentences so at least one period is needed. So, guess I'm switching to periods! I'm just glad to have a concrete method for a concrete reason.
  2. RockEsper

    Periods at the end of skill/item descriptions?

    Haha yeah I was doing the same. Gotta stick to one. I agree. I think I'm gonna do no periods just because periods make it feel more like you're being told something from a voice. Skill descriptions to me are more like simple instructions you'd see on like, a safety poster or something.
  3. RockEsper

    Periods at the end of skill/item descriptions?

    When I write a skill description, I usually don't end it with a period. But I can't tell, is that improper or weird? What do you guys usually do?
  4. RockEsper

    Yanfly Skill Core: Guage swap problem

    I'm utilizing this Yanfly Plugin (along with his core engine and battle engine core) It has a feature to allow you to switch positions of the gauges, which is great because it's important for my game that TP be on the left instead of right, and...
  5. RockEsper

    Faster or skippable battlelog in Yanfly's Battle Engine?

    I'm using the base battle engine from Yanfly with none of the major battle system addons (STB, ATB, CTB ), and I'm using front view battle system. I was just wondering if there was a way to cut down on the time it shows the battle log while nothing else happens. Specifically I have it set to...
  6. RockEsper

    Secondary description window for skill/items.

    Hello. Here's what I would very much love. The player is checking their skills/items and presses a button (besides accept or cancel) and that brings up a much bigger window over the menu (maybe 5 or 6 lines?). That window has a much more detailed description in it, which I suppose could be...
  7. RockEsper

    Script for checking if character has SKILL ID (variable)

    Awesome. Thanks so much. I'm just placing it in a Conditional Branch's script section. I really appreciate you breaking it down, too. I don't know if I'll ever get full on scripting down, but I do like to understand basic syntax for simple operations like this.
  8. RockEsper

    Script for checking if character has SKILL ID (variable)

    To make a certain routine in my game easier, I'd like to be able check if a character has a certain skill by looking it up based on a variable. For instance, I want to check if actor(5) has skill(variable50). In this case, variable 50 would be the universal skill checking variable. It being 50...
  9. RockEsper

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Mine doesn't accommodate for that?
  10. RockEsper

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Oh, well thanks to you now I understand if statements, so I think this would work and be simpler...? if (a.luk > 40) {x = 4} else {x = Math.floor(a.luk / 10)}; a.atk * x - b.def
  11. RockEsper

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    I'm trying to make a damage formula that deals x1 damage if the user's luck is at least 10, x2 damage if 20, x3 damage if 30, and x4 damage if 40+. And it should go no higher than x4, even if luck is 50 or more. Would it be something like, damage * floor(a.luk / 10)? Not sure if that's how to...
  12. RockEsper

    Display State Turns On Icon

    Thanks so much for this. A very neccessary script for strategic RPG battles. I look forward to this working for enemies.
  13. RockEsper

    Play animation on SV Battler during battle?

    Ah that makes sense. Cool thanks. Hope this gets made because it seems pretty essential for battle cutscenes.
  14. RockEsper

    Play animation on SV Battler during battle?

    I see no way to play an animation on a character without forcing them to do an action, which would be fine if it didn't make a turn pass for an active states' timer. Is there a way to either make a skill usage not technically take a turn, or simply play an animation during a battle. I only see...
  15. RockEsper

    How to run an event after battle completion?

    Er, what would be the Battle Event page's Conditions?
  16. RockEsper

    How to run an event after battle completion?

    Oh, well that's pretty helpful. Is there an easy way to have the battle check for no more enemies? The only way I can think is having it so at the beginning of the battle, it tallies up all the enemies, then you have a battle event run each turn (1+1*X) to check if the number of dead enemies =...
  17. RockEsper

    How to run an event after battle completion?

    I'm interested in this too. I have a system where your equipment can produce items by chance, so a common event that played after every battle would be nice. Seems like it'd take a plugin.
  18. RockEsper

    RPG Maker MV / MZ Script Call List

    I need to make a variable store a character's TP. I know I'd use $gameVariables.setValue(variable, value); but what would go in the 'value' portion? Nevermind. Got it. It'd be $

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