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  1. Tenchizard

    What have you learned?

    It's though, but I actually loved balancing out the stats for my game. I wrote pages and pages of stats, progressions, charts and crazy numbers trying to get a fair (even if difficult) game. Building game mechanics is my favourite part of designing it, hands down.
  2. Tenchizard

    What have you learned?

    Really insightful post, Cinnamon :) Out of curiosity, what was that other game of yours you mention? You piqued my curiosity with your description ^_^
  3. Tenchizard

    What have you learned?

    When you recommend a movie to a viewer, and he watches just the first five minutes before turning it off by saying something like "I don't like it", he is being lazy (or stubborn, I like that word too). This works for almost anything that can be considered art. And what I have learned in the...
  4. Tenchizard

    What have you learned?

    And that's what I mean with players being lazy. They won't keep playing in case something special happen, they'll just get another game. And not just in this contest, but in general. And that's why my conclusion is the same: if you don't have a name and reputation to stand for, go for the eyes...
  5. Tenchizard

    What have you learned?

    Things I have learned: -when you decide to work as a team, be careful with your partners. Saying "no" to someone is hard, but having that person slow you down is much worse. -players don't care about contest guidelines, they only care about the game.  -a player that can play any kind of game...
  6. Tenchizard

    Soul Echoes

    But both your reactions are very interesting. It's really difficult for the developers to make an assessment on the overall difficulty of the game, because as creators they know all the secrets and the way to get through it. The few testers we had before the contest played through the whole game...
  7. Tenchizard

    (TOTALLY BIASED) Game Rundowns

    Just saw your review about my game, and I want to thank you again for playing Soul Echoes (by the way, it's pronounced something like "sool ecous". But I agree it sounds worst than they way it's seen). I've already commented to what you wrote on my post, to keep your thread focused :)
  8. Tenchizard

    Soul Echoes

    Thanks a lot for your feedback! I actually had a blast viewing your video, as you went into the game with no knowledge of anything and your reactions are truly genuine. I'd like to comment some things: -fire is weak against lightning for the sake of simplicity. We didn't want to put too many...
  9. Tenchizard

    Rate Each Game out of 5!

    [/SPOILER]First of all, thanks for playing the game. By what you say I can only guess you didn't like the game because of the long battles and what you feel is a lack of character development. Battles are done like that on purpose: we thought it would be better to have a short game with...
  10. Tenchizard

    Soul Echoes

    Thanks a lot for the feedback! I'll try to work harder on the story and the script next time :)
  11. Tenchizard

    Soul Echoes

    Thanks a lot for the detailed analisys! I'll take it all into account for the next games. 
  12. Tenchizard

    Soul Echoes

    I'll explain in spoiler below for Housekeeping: Thanks a lot for playing the game, knowing about your confusion there is helpful too ^_^ Oh, and BlackMage, I think you're right about the tutorial. Maybe the game needs a little bit more explaining, so I'll try adding that after the contest...
  13. Tenchizard

    Soul Echoes

    Thanks a lot for both playing and reviewing the game! I'll take the chance to explain our reasoning for some of the things you commented, as most of them were conscious design choices: There's no heavy MP regeneration because one of the points of the game is that as it's quite short, trying to...
  14. Tenchizard

    Rate Each Game out of 5!

    Just played We Were Made To Perish. I did a short review on the game's thread, so I'll just say here that I liked it, even if it was a bit too short, and the gameplay was a bit lacking. But the story is great, it's very well written, and I really enjoyed it. If you're a fan of sci-fi creepy...
  15. Tenchizard

    We Were Made To Perish

    Just played this! And I liked it, too. It has the vibe of an outer limits episode, and it's quite well written. And I think that one is your game's best quality, because it is an enjoyable reading. Graphics and Music just add to the general experience, creating a creepy environment that never...
  16. Tenchizard

    Rate Each Game out of 5!

    My short review for Disaster on Aero VI (longer review on the game's thread) If you'd like a quiet, relaxing graphical adventure set in space, just go and download this game, you won't be disappointed at all. It's really well executed, if maybe a bit slow at the beginning. At the end lacks a...
  17. Tenchizard

    Disaster on Aero VI

    I was very intrigued when I saw both the high and low scores some people have given to this game, so I decided to give it a go myself. And boy, I'm glad I did. Graphically, the game is not impressive but I don't really care, because the word here is COHERENCE. It really is what I'd like to see...
  18. Tenchizard

    Aesparia - The Fallen - GAME DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE

    Posting my review here from the other post so you can have them all in an easy place to read: I must say that visually this game is just astounding. Great atmoshpere, perfect effects, and a neat use of lightning. The music is also great, and overall the presentation is just top notch. Sometimes...
  19. Tenchizard

    Calcu-Late (To Study Now When The Test Is Tomorrow)

    I posted it on the other topic, but here's my review of your game too so you have it easier to find them all ;) I have just played Calcu-Late, so here's my review: Graphics, sounds and music are good overal. The game has a nice presentation but there's a little bug at the beginning. The main...
  20. Tenchizard

    Unraveled - funded on KS!

    I'm pasting my reviews from the other thread onto each game's own thread, so you can have them all together. Here it is: So, I finally got to play (and finish) Unraveled. But before I start, I want to say something: this is really not my kind of game, but I'll try my best to be fair. Now...

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