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  1. Lihinel

    RMMZ Omnilimus - The Legend of Bob - King of all Monsters - Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Slime

    A Slime, a Rat, a Spider, and a Bat, conquer the world and make the heroes mad. Summary: The demon king is dead. Long live the demon king? You play as Bob, a low level slime, who through some turns and twists of fate sets out on a journey to rescue the daughter of...
  2. Lihinel

    RMMZ The root of all eval()

    I am in the middle of reimplementing a battle system for the 4th time and I am thinking about using some eval() magic. I know this is a big no-no when it comes to developing for the web, but since the rpgmaker itselft uses tons of eval in the objects js (and the plugins aren't encrypted anyway...
  3. Lihinel

    RMMZ Change MZ Editor Laguage to English

    How do you change the language from your PCs regional settings for the editor to english? (Non steam version)
  4. Lihinel

    RMMV Ludus Sophiae

    Summary Explore the world, beat enemies and collect their skills, manipulate your environment, upgrade your base, unlock more heroes, mine gems & ores, craft weapons, raise plants and animals and use the produced goods to cook, then feed your heroes to temporary increase their strength, or...
  5. Lihinel

    Valid Symbols for (non Windows) deployment

    There was a discussion on a german site about errors caused by file names including special symbols such as # and how it can lead to problems when deploying a game on a non windows system. (Apparently spaces in names will cause problems, but I can't just use html standards, since those would...
  6. Lihinel

    Does Crowdfunding make a game commercial?

    (Not sure if this is the right forum or if it should go into commercial games discussion) As the title suggests, I am curious if a developer could use crowdfunding or donations to acquire funds for say custom assets or script/plugin commissions (or even just resource packs), but still keep the...
  7. Lihinel

    [Solved] Requirements for this._fadeSprite

    [Solved] So I wanted to let the screen of a custom class fade to black before going to a different scene, but it doesn't seem to work out. I have the following update method Lihinel.Warfare.SceneCommand.prototype.update = function() { if (!this.isBusy()) { *my code here*...
  8. Lihinel

    RMMV [RSE][Demo]War on Christmas

    Disclaimer: Contains a parody of religion and politics War on Christmas SUMMARY SCREENSHOTS INTRO, TITLE & FACTION SELECTION OTHER VIDEOS Tech-Demo: Version 2019 05 09 (This link opens a Google Drive site, there...
  9. Lihinel

    Strange behavior of Sprites/Bitmap

    This question is related to Orange Overlay, but I am pretty sure its a general issue. I am trying to replicate/move a harvestmoon like script from VXAce to MV, I basically blt plant parts to the ground or upper layers of an...
  10. Lihinel

    Extra Save Files

    While looking for ways to add my own data to the save file, I noticed, that there is a character limit to save files: DataManager.saveGameWithoutRescue = function(savefileId) { var json = JsonEx.stringify(this.makeSaveContents()); if (json.length >= 200000) { console.warn('Save...
  11. Lihinel

    Best practice when Loading data from json

    I created a json file to store Unit data for one of Scenes, right now it is stored in data/warfare/ folder under the name Units.json. I added the following code to my Scene, and it loads the data as it should: However, it doesn't conform with the information hiding scheme of putting everything...
  12. Lihinel

    When should you put Plugin code into an IIFE, and when not?

    So I did read up a bit on Immediately-Invoked Function Expressions, but I am still not sure I quite comprehend it. Some plugins seem to put all their code into an IIFE, like this: others just omit this and put in all their code without an IIFE expression. Both seems to work most of the time...
  13. Lihinel

    Fade In from or fade out to black in a custom scene

    Solved. The problem was not with the fade from or to black. I had a conditional statement like that was not within the block. I guess next time I should provide the entire code, although I didn't think anyone would read through 300-1500 lines. Took me some time to find this, only did by...
  14. Lihinel

    frame, realFrame, or something else as equivalent of RGSS viewport

    Thought I figured out how to use the JS equivalent of viewport with frame, and it does seem to work in my Title Screen plugin: But when I copy the method to a new Scene and change the Scene_Title to Scene_Test it displays the entire image instead of just a 100 by 100 box in the top left corner...
  15. Lihinel

    Newb question regarding functions and Scope

    Okay, it just hit me, it should have been this.drawName(); so it was a Syntax error on my part, problem is no tutorial I read said how to use a method/function, only how to define it. ------------------------- Just started out with JS and am a bit uncertain why the following code works, but my...
  16. Lihinel

    RMVXA Octopus Delfts Reloaded (IGMC 2017) - The game no one wants but everyone deserves

    Hey, I am a week late to the party, but since everybody's advertising here, why the heck not: Story: The game tells the story of Lucy a young wizard that became a pirate who was thrown overboard of his ship and rescued by ninjas who trained him in their hidden village. He later died defending...
  17. Lihinel

    Looking for Sources for 3 Resources

    Hey, hope this is the right sub forum. Had to remove/redo a lot of Maps that used ZanyZora and/or HanzoKimura Resources and cleaned most of my game of anything that isn't RTP or featured here as free for commercial use. The Resources in question are the following: (All downloaded ~2007...
  18. Lihinel

    RMVXA Ludus Sophiae: Latter-day Saviors

    This page is for the old VXAce version of the game, there is a new version developed with MV. > GAMEPAGE FOR THE NEW VERSION HERE < ############################ ############################ Explore the world and the space above it, beat enemies and collect their skills, manipulate...
  19. Lihinel

    RMVXA War on Christmas

    Old presentation deleted. New version for MV currently on hiatus.

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