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  1. RMMZ Need help with Douraku Command Assign in MZ.

    Sorry to bother yourselves,i tried to use this MV plugin along with DK compatibility tool but cannot make it work. I got this error: "Type Error This.placeBasicGauges is not a function. It is possible to fix it? Excuse me for my bad english and thanks in advance...
  2. Collection Of Snippets

    I did some snippets for my own personal use,but i wanted to share them in case someone needs them. Just remember a thing,they are simple edits from default plugins so the compatibility with third party is not asured. PD: They are free for all uses and please credit to MECH PEN AND LL AERIAN...
  3. RMMV Question about Hime Enemy Levels

    Sorry to bother yourselves,i have a problem with this plugin. It works nearly perfect in MZ (with the DK compatibility patch). I want to set the enemy level to vary between 1 and 5 so i used this formula in the enemy tag: <enemy level: var numbers = [1, 5] /> and it does not worked (it says...
  4. RMMZ Change the arrow (→) fontface and fontsize for all scenes (including custom).

    Sorry to bother yourselves,i did some kind of strange snippet for changing the arrow size because it looks weird with some fonts. Specially if they are small for example Tahoma,Arial or in this case Trebuchet MS. I put Calibri because it looks nice,but i dont want to modify every plugin that...
  5. RMMZ Little issue with Moghunter Menu Background in RMMZ.

    NEVERMIND... THERE ARE OTHER ISSUES,SO I GUESS I SHOULD START LOOKING FOR A REPLACEMENT... Sorry to bother yourselves,i have a problem with Mog Menu Background,it nearly works perfectly with MZ,except for a thing... When you close the menu a transparent window appear in the top corner of the...
  6. RMMZ How i can change the WY position of the Actor Command Window

    Sorry to bother yourselves, im having problem changing the Y position of the Actor Command Windows. My code works for Party Command with no changes in the Actor WIndow,im doing something bad? Scene_Battle.prototype.partyCommandWindowRect = function() { const ww = 192; const wh =...
  7. RMMZ Mv Style Battlehud for MZ

    Sorry to bother yourselves,i like to ask for a battle hud simlar to MV,im aware about Visu Stella,but that plugins is ofuscated so i cannot make patches if there are incompatbilities with another plugin. PD: im using the tpb feature.
  8. RMMZ Move damage popup to the center for actors

    Sorry to bother yourselves,i want to ask for a plugin changing the X-Y cordinates of the damage popup for actors. Moghunter Damage Popup Effects has that function but it does not work in MZ and i dont want to use an image. Thanks you very much and excuse me for my bad english.
  9. Wall autotiles are not working correctly in Rpg Maker MV 1.61

    I dont know how to explain this,but this problem was not present in Rpg Maker 1.6.0. PD: It happens with interior autotiles as well.
  10. Gradient text

    Sorry to bother yourselves,i would like to request a plugin that makes the font gradient. I know about victor sfonts,but that plugin causes some incompatibilty problems with other plugins im using. Excuse me for my bad english and thanks in advance.

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