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  1. Jachan

    MV ActivationKey Issue

    I had used it once on previous PC only until its motherboard gave up in few years later. So I bought new PC, redownloaded and reinstalled... Then I reused that key on it, so I got in like the usual... Only until next day after that, it suddenly reasked me the same question; activation-key /...
  2. Jachan

    Curious about the img files' typing...

    I have not notice this until now; is there any special meaning of "!" and "$" in the img files' names, instead without both? I am about to save an img file but not so sure if I have saved it correctly or not.
  3. Jachan

    The Idea of Fanmade "Super Sentai" Projects... but how...? (More details inside)

    While "sentai" is a Japanese word, I will have you know one or two quick details before the start. If you are already familiar to this, skip and start read next paragraph ahead. =P "Sentai" means "squadron". "Super Sentai" is a very popular superhero TV show in Japanese for everyone. It is the...
  4. Jachan

    Element Rate Conflict

    I have coded and worked just great... until I start test to have one cast magic which should be 100 but instead it dealt halved due to Element Rate: 50%. How do I get that be seperated between "element damage" and "element resistance" which resistance should be 50% while damage remain 100% with...
  5. Jachan

    Yanfly's Item-Augment + Upgrade-Item

    Hi, I am doing this neat combination of those plugins together for my sister to play... and yet I find something bit conflicted in my mind as I code around. I would like to have one upgradeable equipment that comes with multiple skills but each upgrade will give each skill, not all skills at...
  6. Jachan

    Weapons Don't Do With Common Events?!

    While I was working on one of my projects, I got Common-Event (combined with skills) worked properly and was going to put those up-to-ten Common-Event skills in each weapon (think of it as pre-installed materias on FF7 weapons)...... Started to notice that the weapons' trait don't actually have...
  7. Jachan

    Combination of Buff States problem.

    I am not so sure how to do this but... I do use YEP plugins, including Auto Passive States and few others related, including "Lunatic Pack - Passive Condition Cases". And that's where I come to... You know, when to meet the condition, the state will pop up to activate in effect, yeah? Like, if...
  8. Jachan

    Jobclass Level plugin? =O

    I have tried to look around for it, even blue-squrriel (sorry, kept forgot how to memorize your name, xP ) posted sticky thread for a master list. But no luck in end. No, I don't really mean to use ACTOR levels, I mean the CLASS itself... Such as Final Fantasy 3 (100%) and Dragon Quest 6 (90%...
  9. Jachan

    Is there more than just Japanese Resources?

    Forgive me if it's in wrong place to post. Feel free to move it to the correct place. =D Like I said in topic, is there more things for "Character Creation" pieces in RMMV? Such as more clothes... more faces... more hairs... etc. Or are those three "Japanese Character Generator Expansion" the...
  10. Jachan

    First-timer to buy 'DLC' resources; Help?

    First of all, forgive me if it's wrong place to post. Feel free to transfer this to somewhere else that I could probably not find it (more likely overlook it). Second of all, I have looked around and really want some of those ones as useful resources that I may like to include... but as I did...
  11. Jachan

    By any chance for more than one Textbox?

    I totally know it require a plugin for this, so I did tried to look around, even Yanfly's Message Core ( ) itself that I just had installed (for on some other purposes, not just this)... At start, I would like to have two boxes pop somewhere in...
  12. Jachan

    How to do Ranged Weapon? (ONE Newbie question, this time)

    Like the subject said, how do you make this? I am pretty sure it heavily required one plugin created by favorite scripter Yanfly, called "Row Formation" (You can find it in here ). With it, you can adjust their locations, including rows and...
  13. Jachan

    A simple project's progress... (Newbie Questions)

    I am like two years old of RPG Maker series, I had VX Ace and MV (currently using) but didn't do good at progress until Yanfly's comic advices show up. So I am making some good progress so far on this project I am trying to work on. Just except those ones below that I am about to ask for some...
  14. Jachan

    New here at RGSS3 (Ace).

    Bgillisp suggested me to post a new topic instead to derail. Is that how we write this way? I mean to form the final formula with multiple totals from few previous formulas? Like this? Base1 = form the formula of hero's attack power here Base2 = form the formula of enemy's defense power here...
  15. Jachan

    Skill's Recoil State coding problem. Strange one!

    Hello. I am new here and is not the reason to be lazy to beg for any solution. I "DID" searched and researched myself before I start post this, which means I gave up at that point on few reasons. - RGSS3 is too new for me but able to decipher some however. - A month old of RPG-Maker (all of...

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