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  1. blade2xs

    RMMZ [SOLVED]Stuck trying to graw a graphic on screen for debugging

    I am building a plugin that handles NPC vision and player detection for MZ and while I was able to get some basic things working like tying visions to NPC looking direction and following the player when spotted, I am trying to debug where the vision shows on screen and the actual hit box...
  2. blade2xs

    RMMZ Character Vision to detect player

    I didn't find a flexible enough line of sight / vision plugin for RMMV so I'm working on a system for a game that has Character version accessible via script for RMMZ since there doesn't really appear to be visions scripts that can be affected by lighting, obstacles, stealth behavior etc. I may...
  3. blade2xs

    RMMV [Solved] Independant Gauge Bars for NPC/Event on map

    Hi Everyone!!! for RMMV I am looking for a plugin that shows a gauge over an event/npc head I built behaviors for when the npc "sees" the players, bu i would like to have a gauge appear then rise when the event/npc "sees" the player and the gauge will fall then disappear when they no longer see...
  4. blade2xs

    RMMV (Solved) QSight Plugin trigger event code on sight collision

    Hi everyone! Regarding the QSight plugin ( by @Quxios, I was wondering if someone could point me in the right directions for properly triggering an event when an event "sees" the player? I have the event configured to apply a self switch to A and I can...

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