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  1. RMMV Effect when enemy dies (YEP Buff & States Core)

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to make a state that heals the Magic Points of the Actor who kills the enemy. With YEP Buff & States Core this should be easy, and I tried this: <Custom Deselect Effect> if (target.hp <= 0) { user.gainMp(1000); } </Custom Deselect Effect> But unfortunately...
  2. RMMV YED Sideview Battler - Actor Shadow Size

    Anybody using the "YED Sideview Battler" Plugin and had found a way to increase the shadow size of each actor individually? Thanks in advance.
  3. Enemy Name or ID in Troop editor

    Hi, is there a possibility/Hotkey to get an enemy ID or name within the Troop editor? I got several Troops with same looking enemies included (they have different stats), but actually I can't find a way to identify them in the troop editor.
  4. RMMV Hide unsellable items in shop

    I found a lot of shop plugins but it seems none of them are able to simply hide all items with "price =0" from the sell menu. Does anyone knows a script for that? Or a plugin which can hide specific items in the sell menu via notetags.
  5. RMMV Item price depening on character level

    Hello, anyone got an idea if there's a plugin available, with which I can define an specific item price depening on the characters level? So for example: character level 10, then item price 100 gold character level 20, then item price 400 gold etc. The multiplicator should be individual...
  6. RMMV YED Sideview Battler -> Change Graphic for Actor

    Hello everyone, maybe someone could help me out with the YED Sideview Battler Plugin (MV). I would like know how I can change the sideview graphic for an actor ingame (on map, outside of battle). Didn't see any Plugin Command for that unfortunately. And changing the Battler Graphic via the...
  7. Framedrops / Low Framerate in Editor

    Hello Everyone, I bought a new PC and for some unknown reasons I get very low framerates in the RPGMaker MV Editor itself. Playtesting works perfect (160 fps on my 160 fps G-Sync monitor) but while using the RPG Maker Editor, the framerate drops to 20 - 30 frames for several seconds and then...
  8. Ingame Playtime counter wrong?

    I release a demo of my game and a lot of player are giving me feedback that the ingame playtime isn't correct (which is shown when you save a game in the corresponding save slot). Some people say, the played at least 3 hours (without dying or repeating something), but the ingame counter shows...

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