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  1. Crestfall9

    Looking for a comprehensive list of RPG Maker MV fixes

    I'm looking to start a project and thinking about how there should be bugfixes and any other plugins that any new RMMV project must use. I'm talking about things like: AudioStreaming.js to fix audio lag, upgrading NWJS and Chromium to increase performance, useful stuff in unofficial bugfix...
  2. Crestfall9

    Creative Ed's Isometric Solution (Alpha 0.2)

    @Creative Ed Man you better pin @malonkey1 's solution. Also is there like a specific value of how much I need to skew the tileset?
  3. Crestfall9

    Trying to toggle a chest open/close state with proximity event.

    I don't think I will ever be able to explain this correctly. So I tried to make a proximity event that pretty much goes like this: Player in proximity around the chest -> Chest plays open animation -> Chest froze in open animation -> Player left proximity around the chest -> Chest plays close...
  4. Crestfall9

    Can RNG be fun?

    I just found out that there's a section dedicated to mechanics design. Request to move this thread.
  5. Crestfall9

    Can RNG be fun?

    I don't know where to put this thread, so I just put it here. Call me lazy, uninspiring, whatever. Either way I want to make a RNG based RPG game. And not just simple crits, damage variance, etc. I want to go to Darkest Dungeon level, without making it too frustrating like Darkest Dungeon...
  6. Crestfall9

    How to start coding notetags

    Going back and forth between plugin manager can be a bit annoying so I wanna use notetags. And I might use Rollup instead.
  7. Crestfall9

    How to start coding notetags

    Man I can write a novel sized essay on just how confused I am with all of this. Autodidact maybe is not a good way. It's very intriguing reading all those pages though. Really shows just how shallow I am in all of this. Bundling the JS is what interests me. The concept of cramming lots of...
  8. Crestfall9

    How to start coding notetags

    I wanna start making notetags in my plugins. I've been looking at other plugins but I never got a single clue on how to make notetags. How do I do it? Also offtopic: I've been looking at MV's documentation in There's a reference...
  9. Crestfall9

    var Imported

    What the hell I still don't get it. var Imported = Imported || {}; Imported.InsertSomethingHere = true; What is the meaning of this. EDIT: You know what, I just googled the explanation quickly. Should've done this sooner. Always thought it's just RPGMaker thing. Close this thread.
  10. Crestfall9

    var Imported

    I've been seeing this pretty much everywhere. What is the purpose of: var Imported = Imported || {};
  11. Crestfall9

    How to overwrite instant death on 0 hp

    Just like that? Shouldn't there be conflicts, etc?
  12. Crestfall9

    How to overwrite instant death on 0 hp

    Hey, I'm the same guy thinking about adding a death's door mechanic. So I was looking through the codes and found this: Game_Battler.prototype.refresh = function() {; if (this.hp === 0) { this.addState(this.deathStateId()); }...
  13. Crestfall9

    Death's Door Mechanic

    Hey guys, I want to make a mechanic similar to Darkest Dungeon's Death's Door. It basically goes like, if a party character hits 0 hp, they wouldn't die immediately. Instead they would be placed in a Death's Door state. Death's Door state gives penalty to several stats (such as max hp, etc.) and...

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