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  1. Suzio Uwabami

    [RGGS3]Khas Awesome Light + Galv Use Item Compatibility

    Hey guys, I have the problem that the menu of "Galv Use Item on Event" And Khas Awesome Light Effects Script don't work together. It looks like this: Anyone know how to fix it? Tried to move the scripts around 'n stuff and changing the configuration, nothing worked for me :/ Thanks...
  2. Suzio Uwabami

    Making the windowskin non-transparent

    Hiya guys! I wonder if you could make the standard windowskin non-transparent, as I don't like it the way it is at the moment. I was hoping I won't need a script, so I posted it here.  If I do, I'll try in the Script Request Section again. I've put a screenshot up, so it's understandable what...
  3. Suzio Uwabami

    Simple Menu Background, Fade in and out while accessing menu

    Hiho! It's me again :)   I want to make a short request. I want to have a background while you're accessing the menu, because I really don't like seeing the maps behind it. I don't know if YEP's Menu Engine can do that, but I have a lot of complications with it, so I kinda don't want to use...
  4. Suzio Uwabami

    Equip a limited amount of skills for battle

    EDIT: MoogleX made what I want: Hello dear Community :) I have a request, for a little skill system. I want the Player to have access to not only a class, but to choose his own playstyle. Meaning, with YEP Skill...

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